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  1. Project S13 - Supersprint/Time Attack

    Happy new year mate. Well that is a scary way to figure out pilot mod 1 was a success. Looking forward to seeing how you go in 2018 buddy
  2. Brake pad selection

    Im running winmax w5 and w3 and been good for track.
  3. 180sx rear toe arms

    pm sent mate
  4. 180sx rear toe arms

    Hi Greg I wasnt sure if they would suit. I have finally replied to Pm's and apologies for the lateness. Been off here for ages.
  5. 180sx rear toe arms

    Sorry guys after adjustable arms
  6. 180sx rear toe arms

    Gents; Anyone got a set of rear toe arms to suit an SR20DET 180sx? Gonna try jiggle the rear and thought I would chuck some in before next alignment. In Canberra. Cheers Dave
  7. Whiteline swaybar settings

    sweet I will give that a go. Thanks mate
  8. I picked up a 27mm front and 22mm rear whiteline sway bars for my 180sx track car. Running cusco coilovers and Kaaz 2 way diff. Any advice for a rookie as to what setting may be best to kick things off? I.e. hard front / rear or medium / soft? Any advice is appreciated. Dave
  9. 180SX Front sway bar

    Found one thanks
  10. 180SX Front sway bar

    After a stiffened front sway bar for SR20DET 180sx. Have a whiteline rear good to go and now want to add a front to square it up. Require postage to Canberra. Thanks Dave
  11. Semi Slick Track Tyres

    Ended up going Hankook Z221 mediums so see how we go.
  12. Semi Slick Track Tyres

    Anyone tried Kuhmo v70 k60's or the cheaper v720 at all??
  13. Semi Slick Track Tyres

    Im on 888r's and only track. Going to try NT01's next as I need to stay in budget land
  14. Track tyres and the size game

    yeah man great advice. the z221 is over double in price at moment so not on table until I have the car ironed out. How does the Rs3 work in your experience though?