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  1. ** New Drifting Documentary *** NEW UPDATE

    updated with part II from the matsuri http://www.wearedrift.com/2009/08/ebisu-drift-matsuri-part-ii/ JOIN THE FAN PAGE AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Drift-Documentary-We-Are-Drift/104463233720?ref=mf
  2. ** New Drifting Documentary *** NEW UPDATE

    Im currently getting together some video and info about the 4 main drivers that will have a part in the film. 2 x foreigners living in Japan. 1 x ex D1 driver who got out of the game so he could actually go back to having fun drifting and not dealing with BS that goes with being a D1 Driver. 1 x current D1 driver whos very famous, but i will be highlighting his normal life and the drifting he does when its not in competition.
  3. ** New Drifting Documentary *** NEW UPDATE

    Will be getting T-shirts sorted very soon!
  4. Hey all, My name is Luke and im from www.wearedrift.com, below is some information and movies about my new project. Im trying to produce a full length documentary for the whole community for free with paid advertising via streaming video or for purcahse on DVD. I have given up a lot to try and get this film happening, including my work commitments and living conditons haha. This is going to be something huge but i need help and support from the community im making this film for. This film will not just be about Japanese people but also about foreigners living within Japan, it will show REAL drifting and not just the glamorized high profile drivers we have seen a million times before! Check out the website to view the latest updates and also see the team behind this production. Our Website : www.wearedrift.com Facebook fan page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Drift-Documentary-We-Are-Drift/104463233720 Im trying to gather as much support as i can for this film, so anyone who can help by spreading the word or supporting the site please do so. This is a film for everyone out there who is in this drifting community, if you know anyone who would be interested in helping please let me know. I have a business propoal that im about to start sending out to a few companies that have shown interest. Latest event coverage Koguchi Kiss http://www.wearedrift.com/2009/08/koguchi-...umentary-japan/ I got closer then this shot, check the link for the whole series of shots. Ebisu Drift Matsuri Part I http://www.wearedrift.com/2009/08/ebisu-dr...matsuri-part-i/ Check the link for more images!!! Thanks for your time, and hope i have your support on this new project! Luke Huxham & the WeAreDrift Team. www.wearedrift.com

    Haha you just had be worried, wtf 7 cars but i only this many organized!!!

    Im organizing all the Cars for Fink etc, they say 7 cars but i dont yet have 7 car payments haha.

    Do you see the baby chilling on the wall, regulations......where? Got it all on film head over to my blog to check it out.
  8. Just added this wallpaper and heap of other stuff. Wallpapers etc all here http://www.hashiriyaexports.com/blog/
  9. By far the best tire i have ever used in my life are Advan Neova's 235/45/17s in my case, hankooks or federals have nothing on these tires. The grip is fantastic the sidewalls feel nice and stiff, they are very direct and allow for instant change in direction at low speeds and high speed, they work well in low temps and insane on high temps. I use to run Dunlop Direzza sport z1 but the Advan's are a huge upgrade from them aswell. It turned my huge JZX90 into a car that felt as nimble and small as an S13 or S14 chassie car, simple amazing tires. Sometimes when your sneaky and run around you can find sponsored goodyear / federal D1 drivers running Advan Neova's on their front wheels at local track days. I use federals on the back for skidders.
  10. Wicked massive update This is getting featured on Speedhunters.com today!!!!!! Ebisu Drift Matsuri : The Community / HD video Just done big updates with a wicked article about the drift matsuri also featuring a HD video of the event and the community. http://hashiriyaexports.com/blog/
  11. Was alot of messy in cabin noise i had to cover up from the camera rattling around.
  12. Just updated it with some JZX video content and crash pictures. http://hashiriyaexports.com/blog/
  13. Hey sorry guys all fixed now, and loaded with much more content including touge footage and pictures check it out!!! Subscribe and never miss an update!!! http://hashiriyaexports.com/blog/
  14. Latest Updates ------------------------ Touge Life - Preview Touge Spec S15 Zip It! http://hashiriyaexports.com/blog/
  15. not too sure how much I agree with that. They are definitely talented but with out a doubt the best driving Ive seen has not been at a d1 round. +1 +1000 Seen much better drifting at non D1 related events. And Andy the Ebisu event is one of the most popular events in the whole year for D1 it will have probably have the most cars atteneding it aswell. Its the only D1 event i would really bust a nut to get to.