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  1. http://www.thedrive.com/news/9713/nismo-to-make-nissan-r32-gtr-oem-replacement-parts
  2. So apparently later this year, nismo will start manufacturing OEM parts for the R32 Skyline GTR, and if it is successful they will start making parts for other classic Nissan sports cars. What are your thoughts on this? Will the S13, S14 and S15 be in the running for the Heritage Parts Program? If the program is successful, what other cars would we expect to see?... I would have my money on the 300zx and the older Z cars. Would you choose a Genuine OEM parts over aftermarket parts that are offered now? I'm curious to see how much cash you will be expected to fork out for these "new" parts.
  3. I stand corrected. Thats a pretty good deal! Thanks for all the info locky, very informative. I'm glad i bothered to make this thread, seems like everyone on this forum has a wealth of knowledge. For anyone interested I will order a Tomei dump from Japan, and get a local exhaust shop to make me up a custom front pipe. thanks again everyone!
  4. I'll take the gear knob if still available.
  5. Thanks 200VIA. Thats pretty decently priced. All though it might be cheaper getting it from AUS. Looks like just jap will ship for $22. Cheaper? only just i think. Grand Total Incl. Tax $400.95
  6. Thanks Varvs. Noted. I reckon the way to go (for me anyways) is to fork the coin for a Tomei Dump and go cheap for everything after. I like the fact that the Tomei comes with bolts and everything you need.. not that it matters but they do look shit hot as well. The way Pmod described his difficulty's with installing a Chinese dump pipe doesn't really sound appealing.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Appreciate it. Not really what i wanted to hear, but as the saying goes, clearly "you get what you pay for". I assume that the supplied gaskets with the Tomei dump are quality. Can anyone see a problem with having a Tomei dump and a mild steel xforce front pipe? I assume the flanges with line up and fit properly.
  8. Hi there, I'm currently looking to replace the stock dump+front pipe on myS15. I'm not interested in polished chrome Japanese branded hardware that cost an arm and a leg. Cheap and functional is what I'm after. I think something like this would be ideal. Expect that the dump pipe is split, and i want a single bell mouth type. http://justjap.com/engine/exhaust/dump-front-pipes/x-force-mild-steel-dump-engine-pipe-nissan-s15.html Im thinking if i buy this > http://justjap.com/engine/exhaust/dump-front-pipes/jjr-stainless-bellmouth-dump-pipe-nissan-sr20.html along with the a Mild steel front pipe, it would suit my needs. My question is: Is there a reason that the JJR Stainless Bell mouth Dump Pipe is so cheap? ( in comparison with a $350+ tomei) Has anyone had any experience with the JJR? If anyone has any suggestions/idea/knowledge im all ears. Thanks in advance.