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  1. CHOP Request Thread

    awsome... can you make them lil bigger and lower car with deleted wing by any chance?? cheers
  2. CHOP Request Thread

    hi just wondering if you can please chop the ce28n's off the 14 onto my jzx100 http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s61/anadrolic_photos/DSC_0045.jpg http://tinypic.com/r/2ey8h89/3
  3. SPOTLIGHT: Work Emotion 11R | New release

    when will these be comin to australia?? interested but want to see on a car or physical picture of the rim for better idea cheers
  4. Defi Gauge Q.

    yes they compatible.... had some hooked up and correct readings.
  5. GReddy Sale! Save $$$$'s

    do you have access to jzx100 td06-25 g either 8cm or 10cm as a kit?
  6. Not going onto boost

    has happened b4... check your intake... sometime they suck closed... then its feeling like someones strangling her.... there should be spring inside.... typical since youve played with the turbo upgrade... try ali intake or harder sylican one...
  7. send or post up pics of diff/ sub frame mounts.... mainley upper control urms etc..... dont believe they are the same..... look quite different
  8. dude this forum has to be one of the best places to get info and usually pretty quick... pity people didnt answer you quick enough.... you knda shot yourself in the foot... give it time next time..... btw use the search as its been covered before plenty of times my 2cents
  9. problem with headlights

    take it back pretty simple... work not done.... did you really need to ask us??
  10. noise from jzx100 engine bay

    is this a dealer or private seller? where is it located?
  11. Shibbs new Lapper

    pretty slow!! sweet rims but...
  12. Anyone want a new signature?

    haha thanks... your a champ...
  13. who can name these parts

    mine had it too and def not auto... dont know hey always had me stumped
  14. Anyone want a new signature?

    boarder looks sweet... any front on lol... sorry