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  1. S15 setup + turbo choice

    Cheers guys 1700 sounds good it's 1800 on the site but I'll hit them up!.. this has given me a lot to think about I agree that haltech seems overpriced and it's like the dealers get a good kick back off them as they talk them up like they're the only option... I've found a nistune on Facebook for 300 pretty cheap, it does look rough just has stickers n writing all over it don't know how old, are they all the same? Or what's the other option get a tuner to install the chip+tune I might call the shop I plan to get tuned and ask as they're a dealer listed on nistune site... I have never really heard of adaptronic but I will have a good look into it and let you know.. I'll get the fpr1200 and put the tomei on my Vl as that just has an autobarn special.. Efr looks like about 2800+ manifold custom dump etc but I will read more into it I hope to be tracking this thing by Christmas
  2. S15 setup + turbo choice

    Yeh I know there's a wealth of knowledge on here ive been reading threads for days lol... Most I read is that the Pfc djetro does the job better than the nistune becaus it doesn't run an afm? Will I make more power and run better with a different ecu or is it just for the extra features like limp mode launch control etc? I don't like the price of the id injectors, with the fuel rail kit it's about $1800 but I guess the 17yr old motor needs protection Gtx2867 from gcg is $2020 it shouldn't need ceramic coating? But probably braided lines? Eboost2 is about $650 which I should need on an internally gated turbo? Or can I just run a boost tee and it not spike seeing as it's going to be used on high boost And maybe another $2000 for a haltech if I get it plus sensors and optional extras like boost controller anyways I'm going to order them soon so they're sitting there when I get home from work If there's anything I've missed or suggestions on cheaper options/sites than I've looked at it's all appreciated
  3. S15 setup + turbo choice

    Thanks for the quick replies.. Power fc came up for only 550 so compared to 1800 for a haltech n then I'd need to pay for air n map sensor on top Tuner said Pfc was good for that price.. I could get a plat pro if you guys reckon it's justified and just sell the PFC Are you talking about Id1300 injectors the 2000cc are top feed and say they're e85 compatible so they haven't changed them in recent times? And are the ID's worth the extra 750 Gtx2867 .64 seems like the way I'll go then thanks:) A mechanic recommended tomei or sard and the site I was buying off only had tomei which is why I went that The car already has gab coils, sway bars, heavy clutch that ill run until it's broken, not sure what diff but it always spins twins
  4. Hi I bought my first silvia a few months ago and I've been doing a fair bit of research on what parts I need to get to the desired power I'm after 270-300rwkw on e85 the car will be street'd and flogged mainly at Queensland raceway with happy laps drift practice etc the main goals for now.. I'm at the stage where I'm about to pick my turbo setup the only thing is a lot of what I'm finding is over 5 years old and a lot of it sounds the same My car currently has stock low mount.. big front mount, greddy sump, alloy radiator, oil cooler, tomei cams unsure on size sound big?, sr 5 spd conversion, rocker stoppers.. Parts I've purchased Apexi power fc d'jetro.. Tomei type L fpr. Walbro 460L pump. I know I need fuel injectors I'll probably get bpp top feed rail with Bosch 2000cc for $1000 Probably go a turbosmart eboost2 ebc $600 Can get gtx3067 or gtx3071 with 6boost + external gate for $3650 Or am I better off and still reach my power goal on a gtx2867/gtx2871 on my low mount for around the 2k mark would also save me getting a dump made etc I'm still learning and I don't want to pay twice so after all your experience and advice thanks