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  1. Full house 1JZ S13 - never ending story.

    holy crap dave im glad you havent given up on your car and im glad to see you are still perservering with it good luck with it champ cant wait to see it skidding it up at the track or u could always ditch the 1j and go back to the good old ca18det :lol:
  2. sr---> rb Wiring

    hello im back yes ive done heaps of wiring conversion for rb,s the problem is ppl try and do it them self and totally balls it up and then give it to me to fix out of 99% of converted wiring i get (as they send it to me as they have hard start issues) ppl seem to forget to hook up the air reg and it only 2 wires good dam it (1 power and 1 earth) if u get a sr wiring loom and a rb loom than it shouldnt be too hard to do but if you dont have much electrical exp than dont even think about trying to do it
  3. Would this work? S13 Rb25

    i cant seen to find any info on this type of conversion can u point me in the right direction adam87 why do u just put a sr20det in instead
  4. RB25 in S13

    thanks mate 130+ rb conversions but whos counting
  5. RB25 in S13

    no need to change anything there just have search and youll find answers for everything r32,ceffy,laurel engine xmember with matching engine brackets and engine mounts or -r33 engine xmember with r33 engine brackets and any engine mounts that are about 35-40mm high with a straight stud through the middle (2.0Lescort/cortina) -with an rb20/30 gbox you will need a gbox xmember with an "A" stamped on it. -with an rb25 box youll need a custom gbox xmember -the tailshaft that was in the car will fit with the rb20/30 gbox -with the 25 box youll need to have a 25 tailshaft yoke welded onto the existing tailshaft as there different but the same length can be retained -r32 or equivalent radiator -thermos on the front of the rad -different cooler piping (custom or a kit) -exhaust, custom front and dump or a custom dump to match up to the existing front pipe -CA speedo sender for the gbox so the speedo reads right thats really about it ok so im actually goin to need a whole different cross member? Yes. cross members arent hard to come by though. Do everything Adam has said and you will be fine. He literally just finished doing his whole conversion within the last two weeks. Not hard at all. but his phone bill was masive with calls to me on how to do stuff :lol: but like i said to adam once u have done 1 thern there a piece of piss its only the wiring loom mods that get ppl stumped
  6. good work quigga get the coil packs from repco as there around $150 for the set
  7. the ca18 auto is controlled by shift valve solonoids which is controlled by the ecu unless when it got services last they swapped some plugs around (i doubt it ) download the ca18 manual from the tech section as it has the info on how to rebuild the ca18 auto this will give u a very good insite on how the auto works or u can come and get a f**ked (free) ca18 auto from my house and pull it apart to see how it works
  8. High mount setup, legal in qld?

    hi mounts are legal dont need a mod plate but the vehicle must not make more than 10 or 15% more power than factory to be legal and still meet noise and emissions for it to comply factory re-map ecu are legal but pf-c , haltec, altronic ecus are illegal
  9. Running in oil

    just buy any cheap 10w-40 full mineral based oil as u will do about 4 oil +filter changes in the first 1,000km after that do what u like
  10. Did a leak down test...

    I would expect all cylinders to be better than they are for an engine only 3500km old. I would not want any more than 10% for any cylinder Yeah... So would I. Oh well. there forged pistons is there will be more piston to bore clearence to allow for the expanion of the pistons u havent asked him (nor has he said) if hes has done the test with a hot or cold motor as the test will change just remember the more pressure in the cylinder will make the rings push harder on the bore making a tighter seal (as 100psi is sweet fa compaired to a running explosion in a engine) also note that a leak down test doesnt just test rings it also finds how good the head gasket and valves are sealing
  11. AAC valve on CA18 silvia

    your aac valve ls a load sensing valve (ie bumps up the idle when load is put on to the engine like turning at low speed ,turning on the a/c etc) so its either clogged up with crap or its faulty
  12. wtd: cheap tyre retailer

    finally got a price on some tyres we dont stock any more so were getting rid of them 235/45/r17 barum for $115 each and i have 4 in stock
  13. wtd: cheap tyre retailer

    235/45/r17 do they have to be re55 as i have some old stock tyres were gettin rid of at my work in that size (or a 40 series )
  14. wtd: cheap tyre retailer

    a tyre size might help (and dont just say a 15/16in tyre) and ill get in before the smart asses start go to a tyre shop htey can help u the best
  15. going rb20/25

    i didnt add it up the way it was set up just looked like is was missing a bit but f**k 16k thats alot of dosh to blow