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  1. Got shit stuck in the dump tube to my EWG from metal dust from sanding my flange smooth so i need to clear it out before i go boosting around because it wants to catch fire while i idle it for 20 seconds
  2. my 180 idles for 30seconds to a minute and then smoke starts coming from under the turbo where my wastegate sits.. Things that i suspect that it could be is that i sanded off the flange smooth that connects to the wastegate carefully ofc to not get metal shavings down inside my manifold Could this be metal burning off inside the dump tube that runs under my car?? and could i just idle the car to where it will all burn off eventually? The smell is not coolant or oil but much more like a metal burning smell
  3. External wastegate position

    Turbo is a garret gt2860rs
  4. External wastegate position

    [/img]Wastegate isn't bolted down yet so don't worry about gap
  5. External wastegate position

    Yea mine is positioned right around and under the turbo 1 foot away from the exhaust manifold..I get a hell slow spool which i though it was the distance of the EWG, Could that distance cause exhaust gas build up and overheat issues?
  6. External wastegate position

    Does it matter how far you position the external wastegate from the exhaust manifold?
  7. Car is a 1994 180sx black top sr20det with garret 2860rs turbo running external wastegate So i just changed my manifold gasket, turbo/manifold gasket and dump pipe gasket and now i have smoke coming from the turbo manifold area? One thing i forgot to put back on the car is the external wastegate boost pressure hose on the pressure side of the intercooler pipe but now when it idles for 20/30 seconds it starts smoking a little around the manifold area? the car hasn't been driven but only idled. the smoke smell is only coming from the external wastegate pipe itself, i smell inside the exhaust manifold and dump pipe and nothing smells like it's burning, one thing i did which was probably the cause of it is i used copper high temp sealant around where the wastegate bolts too as i didn't have a metal gasket on me and also where the dump pipe connects to the front pipe. the sealant is rated to 60 - 370c I have ordered new metal gaskets for my wastegate and dump but before i bolt that bitch back on Any info will be much appreciated!
  8. So basically my problem is my fuel pump keeps cutting in and out randomly, iv checked my fuse which is all good and iv also swapped my relays so i know the relay isn't the problem either i can get the car running by bypassing relay number 2 and 5 and my fuel pump stays on but not 2 and 3 which everybody on google says to do and works for them on my relay number 3 and 5 have a break indicated on the relay which Leeds me to the question of does number 3 need a constant power to transfer power to number 5 when the relay connects that circuit? Iv checked voltage from the pin sockets on my relay socket 1 - constant 12v with ignition on (ecu power?) 2 - constant 12v with ignition on 3 - nothing with/without ignition on 4 - nothing with/without ignition on (power wire to fuel pump) all sockets have an earth apart from 3