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  1. 180 1jz retune.

    thanks for all the reply's car is running really well, got some slicks waiting in a mate's shed so im going to take the car up to willowbank and see what it is really made of. As long as i can get around the 119-120mph hopefully should be good for an 11second pass.
  2. Heat Wrap

    if it was me i wouldn't heat wrap the exhaust manifold... that being said i have heat wrapped my exhuast (stainless) and im really happy it actually spooled up the turbo a bit quicker and helps keep the heat off my clutch fluid.
  3. 180 1jz retune.

    pretty easy fitting it all in just alot of custom work needed. suprisingly it is actually shorter, and not as long as an rb20 so it acutally fits in nicely.
  4. 180 1jz retune.

    its fine driving it around town, bit more understeer through the corners if you push it hard but i got standard suspension so that probably isn't helping all that much . 330 is 250rwkw. I got some timing problems with the standard computer once i go microtech it should get closer to the 280-290rwkw with better timing and more boost.
  5. Hey guys got my car back today. Mods: 92 jza70 1j, r154 gearbox, standard injectors, standard computer, safc, fuel reg, t60-1, The Car is feeling like a totally different car runs really well. Feels like it has alot more torque onto boost feels tiny bit more lagy but its mid range is quite a bit betting. here is before and after dyno charts both dynos are about the same accuracy. here is first dyno chart had another tune after this one and made bout the same power and it also had the dip in the power between 4000-4500 also running 17psi. (air temp 27 degrees and inlet temp of 32 degrees) http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d11/53tup/1-1.jpg here is second dyno chart. he fixed alot of things iac was leaking, fixed a small hole in cooler, pcv wasn't plumbed right. spent heaps of time fixing little bits of dodgy stuff like bits with the wiring and alot of other stuff. Notice air temp and intake temp on this dyno chart compared to last one. The day it was dyno'd was that extremely hot day in brisbane (air temp 40 degrees and inlet temp of 48degrees). It was also running 1 bar. Power band is alot better with no dip in power. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d11/53tup/2.jpg the car is tuned for 18psi but he printed out the wrong dyno chart he said it made around the 330rwhp at 18psi he didn't want to run it too many times on that boost as the heat that day was ridiculous. Im really happy with the power considering the heat on the day and the lack of mods done to the motor . Car is on full boost by 3800 and hauling by 4400. Now i will just have to take the car up with slicks and see how i go.
  6. 1jz 180sx and rb25 180sx

    it costs a fair amount the half cut is like 4,400 manual and all the other bits including clutch cooler timing belt seals custom mounts and all that jazz you are looking at around another 6,000 or so more. It adds up very quickly. Depends on what power you want anything 240rwkw or below definatly go the rb20 can't beat them for price and ease of conversion.
  7. unfortunatly 235's wont fit even when you put the coilovers on.... i was going to get 235's for the front of my car and under closer inspection of my mates car s13 with coilovers and 225's his rubber is really close to the springs as it is.... so unless you get some spacers and pump your front guards, just get some 225's or 215's for the front.
  8. Dorikid S13 goes 1jz!

    definatly heat wrap the exhuast i did it finally, i found that the clutch was fine unitl i drove it on the highway and about after an hour and taking an exit off the highway the clutch felt kinda spoungy, it would feel better after 5 minutes of normal driving tough. After i put the heat tape on it fixed the problem and the car hit full boost 300rpm earlier which is an extra bonus. definatly a useful mod for the $50 it costs.
  9. Dorikid S13 goes 1jz!

    nice to see another 1jz s13 on the road .... you wont have any dramas making 400rwhp, im making 335rwhp with stock injectors, stock computer, just a t60-1 turbo, safc, full exhaust, front mount, fuel pump thats it. So with computer, bigger turbo, cam gears all those goodies you will make it easy. also lag wont be an issue, i believe my turbo is like a 550-600hp turbo and i make full boost by 3900rpm. it seems less laggy than my ca18 did with just a t28r which i thought was funny. good luck with the conversion. keep us posted on how you go. btw here is what my car looks like with the 1j sitting in there, and on the second page is what it looks like with the turbo on there... since then i have cleaned up the engine bay alot and doesn't look as bad lol. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/1jz-180...sx-t139528.html.
  10. i would go the 30/40 good turbo and not all that bad with lag, i know its a bigger motor but on a 1j with standard computer and no cams it is on full boost at 3800. probably be around the 19-20psi mark maybe less to make 300rkw..... 35/40 tends to need heaps of boost to get going. it would be pretty hard to make 300rwkw with a 440hp turbo you would be pushing it wayyy to hard.
  11. 1jz 180sx and rb25 180sx

    haha funny you say that, didn't notice the problem until i took it for a drive up to brissy, after driving it on the highway for an hour when taking the off ramp the clutch would feel a touch funny/spoungy then after city driving for a few minutes it would go back to normal. No problem with the brakes. But i now have heat wrapped the exhaust with that thermal heat tape and i think it has now eliminated the problem. Cutsom tailshaft i wouldn't have a clue but it not all that much, pretty common now a days. Only a few hundred i would think.
  12. check that the vacuum line hasn't come off the map sensor once that happens car doesn't how much air is going in so it misses and blows heaps of smoke.
  13. Make and model:180sx Size of engine:1jz 2.5ltr Modifications to the car: exhaust , fmic,fuel pump, safc2, clutch,bov Type of turbo: t60-1 Trim of turbo:?? Rear Exhaust housing:0.64 When does vehicle begin boost: 2000 rpm When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: 3750 17psi Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; none What brand: What lift/duration etc: Max power achieve at what boost:255rwkw @ 17psi would be alot more if i have after market ecu
  14. sell the t28 and buy an rb25 turbo with the right flange will save you alot of headaches even after you sell that t28 and buy the rb25 turbo you will have some money left over.
  15. Mate Got Sold A Turbo

    yeah thats what i thought... we will take the turbo off this weekend and we will know for sure then... but im about 99.99999% sure that he is lying. Its just a pain in the a&% that we have to pull the turbo off yet again not happy ... We will be taking back the "t28" and asking for a refund. thanks for the help.