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  1. 1994 Toyota Landcruiser GXL 80 Series Dual Fuel - Petrol/LPG 1FZ - 4.5L 270xxxkms Exterior: 220 Roo Lite spotties Roof Cage w/ 4 x 180mm roof lights Bull bar customized for extra approach angle 33" Federal Couragia M/T near new on black rims Rack mounted shovel 100w rear work light hayman reese towbar Sports muffler Interior: Clean & tidy CD/MP3 unit with Aux input CB radio Extras: rear seats (making the car an 8 seater) standard muffler Car is serviced regularly and always maintained. recently had the Hubs/cv's etc replaced PRICE: $14000 with everything, $12000 without muddies, CB or spotlights. Pictures: Contact: sms/call Ben on 0421 837 407
  2. STOLEN: BMW M5 E39

    oh and UUP4IT: no spare front bar but maybe if they get it back trashed the front bar will still be good. haha. ill let you know
  3. STOLEN: BMW M5 E39

    Yep looks pretty much exactly like that. thanks again everyone. also got BP's notified to hopefully if its being driven it gets filled up and recognised there. sun_one: yeah i think you're right it probably wont be seen in this area but you never know. i suspect it wont be in the same condition as when in left either.
  4. STOLEN: BMW M5 E39

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate it. I can get a picture but it just looks the same as every e39 m5
  5. STOLEN: BMW M5 E39

    cheers mate.
  6. STOLEN: BMW M5 E39

    stolen from burnside
  7. Girlfriend's parents just got back from holiday interstate, they returned home to find their house had been robbed and her dads m5 stolen. Its an E39 series in dark blue with premium plates BB730X Any information let me know on 0421 837 407 or give the cops a call and report it. thanks.
  8. My Celica Ra60 !982

    HR31 GTSX: yeah i went to norwood. graduated 2005. you?
  9. My Celica Ra60 !982

    looks awesome. kinda like mine:
  10. My GA60

    SPECS: Body '82 RA60 Celica 15x7 (front) 15x8 (rear) custom dished rims 195/50 (front) 205/55 (rear) potenza G3's Engine/Driveline Gen 3 1GGTE 600x400x75 Genuine HYBRID front mount and piping heavy duty clutch lightened flywheel custom dump pipe 2.5" exhaust w/ high flow cat pod filter aftermarket fuel pump KAZZ 2 way LSD Suspension Pedders Reds Shocks and Springs (front) KYB gas shocks In the rear with 33mm lowered King springs (rear) Whiteline Swaybar - Front bigger, slotted disks Interior Aftermarket Steering Wheel Apexi Boost Gauge (not installed)
  11. Changing engine numbers

    i just bought a car with a 1ggte in it. It was engineered but since then another 1gg has been put in it. this was all before i bought it. Now i've gotta go for a full roadworthy inspection. Will they pass the engine even though the engineers cert has a differnt engine no. to the one on the engine? btw the car is from Vic and im in SA.
  12. drift celica

    cool, thanks everyone. i also got heaps of responses on toymods. looks like a 1gg is the way to go. thanks again
  13. drift celica

    ^ yup thats the one