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  1. We can now offer Achilles and Nexan tyres at great pricing , shipping all over Australia not a problem ! Heres an Idea of what we can do Achilles ATR Sport - we have found these to be a great tyre for everyday driving with a sporty feel , they offer good wear still with a decent level of grip . We ran these tyres on Luke Finks Silvia in Aus Drift Grand prix and he won all three rounds so they are tough ! The Achilles ATR Sport is a high performance tyre with all the features you expect from a modern, highly specified tyre. Excellent grip offering high levels of control in a wide variety of weather conditions and superb durability for great value motoring. A wide range of sizes are available making this a high quality, keenly priced performance tyre everyone can afford. 17 , 18 , 19 , 20 " Pricing - ask for sizes not listed 235/45R17 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $92.00 245/45R17 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $106.00 225/45R18 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $133.00 245/45R18 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $161.00 205/40R17 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $84.00 255/40R17 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $154.00 215/40R18 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $140.00 225/40R18 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $126.00 235/40R18 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $97.00 245/40R18 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $147.00 245/40R19 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $174.00 215/35R18 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $115.00 265/35R18 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $140.00 225/35R19 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $188.00 235/35R19 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $161.00 245/35R19 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $147.00 225/35R20 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $112.00 245/35R20 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $147.00 255/35R20 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $202.00 265/30R19 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $207.00 275/30R19 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $209.00 225/30R20 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $188.00 235/30R20 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $202.00 245/30R20 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $174.00 275/30R20 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $202.00 Nexan Tyres have a great range as well - heres a couple of examples If you are after a quiet performance tyre this is for you ! The N8000 tyre from Nexen is an ultra high performance tyre featuring a super soft silica compound for extreme grip and a new asymetrical pattern that together provide an incredibly dynamic driving experience with super sharp handling and cornering. The N8000 is the ultimate expression of today's tyre technology. Sample Pricing as follows 215/45R17 NEXEN N8000 $147.00 225/45R17 NEXEN N8000 $151.00 235/45R17 NEXEN N8000 $133.00 245/45R17 NEXEN N8000 $147.00 245/45R18 NEXEN N8000 $305.00 215/40R16 NEXEN N8000 $161.00 205/40R17 NEXEN N8000 $129.00 215/40R17 NEXEN N8000 $156.00 235/40R17 NEXEN N8000 $188.00 225/40R18 NEXEN N8000 $188.00 235/40R18 NEXEN N8000 $194.00 245/40R18 NEXEN N8000 $209.00 215/35R18 NEXEN N8000 $188.00 255/35R18 NEXEN N8000 $202.00 235/35R19 NEXEN N8000 $202.00 245/35R19 NEXEN N8000 $235.00 225/35R20 NEXEN N8000 $147.00 245/35R20 NEXEN N8000 $202.00 255/35R20 NEXEN N8000 $277.00 The N6000 is the premium Nexen high performance tyre. It features an advanced compound and tread pattern that provides exceptional levels of grip in all road conditions. The N6000 enhances your car's handling through a highly stable high speed design in combination with a super soft compound. The N6000 is Ultra UHP! Sample Pricing as follows 215/45R17 NEXEN N6000 $123.00 225/45R17 NEXEN N6000 $137.00 235/45R17 NEXEN N6000 $111.00 245/45R17 NEXEN N6000 $133.00 225/45R18 NEXEN N6000 $195.00 245/45R18 NEXEN N6000 $220.00 205/40R16 NEXEN N6000 $121.00 215/40R16 NEXEN N6000 $129.00 205/40R17 NEXEN N6000 $106.00 215/40R17 NEXEN N6000 $123.00 235/40R17 NEXEN N6000 $137.00 255/40R17 NEXEN N6000 $161.00 225/40R18 NEXEN N6000 $147.00 235/40R18 NEXEN N6000 $147.00 245/40R18 NEXEN N6000 $174.00 215/35R18 NEXEN N6000 $161.00 255/35R18 NEXEN N6000 $180.00 265/35R18 NEXEN N6000 $202.00 235/35R19 NEXEN N6000 $188.00 245/35R19 NEXEN N6000 $154.00 225/35R20 NEXEN N6000 $147.00 245/35R20 NEXEN N6000 $174.00 255/35R20 NEXEN N6000 $249.00 Plus we would like to introduce everyone to the Achilles 123 tyre These are fairly new to the market and have been developed in Indonesia for Motorsport being used in Track and Drift applications . There is some stock of a few sizes available now with more very close to being available in the next week or two . Pricing as follows Available now 195/50R15 123 (Racing) $131.00 205/40R17 123 (Racing) $179.00 255/35R18 123S (Racing) $217.00 265/35R18 123S (DRIFT) $228.00 Coming Soon 235/40R18 123 (DRIFT) $204.00 235/40R18 123S (Racing) $204.00 255/35R17 123S (DRIFT) $212.00 255/35R17 123S (Racing) $212.00 265/35R18 123S (Racing) $228.00 These are 220 Tread wear so simular to KU36 kumho offering a tyre with good grip and reasonable wear being very circuit capable ! Fitting available Brisbane no problem
  2. 17x9+10 5x114 now available. Limited to 4 sets! $120ea. Freight starts at $10/ wheel and tyres from $89ea BACK IN STOCK!!! O1G Steel Wheels - Great Offsets and Width. Nissan / Toyota / Mazda / Datsun / Ford / Holden / BMW Size / Width / Offset / Stud Pattern / Bore / Design / Colour / Price 15x8 +0 4x114.3 73 D-Hole Gloss Black $99ea 15x10 +20 4x114.3 73 D-Hole Gloss Black $110ea 16x8 +0 4x114.3 73 Circle Matt Black $110ea 16x10 +20 4x114.3 73 Circle Matt Black $110ea 16x8 +25 5x120 73 5 Spoke Gloss Black $110ea 17x8 +40 5x120 73 D-Hole Silver $120ea * Please note, no other versions are currently available. We can order custom versions from 13-17in but you will need to order a minimum of 20 wheels and pay upfront. We have a huge range of tyres from $78ea (195/50/15 Achilles ATR) and in house fitting and balancing services.Freight is available Australia wide starting from $8 per wheel! We can calculate freight with your post code and suburb
  3. O1G Steel Wheels 4x114, 5x114, 5x120! From $99ea

    All 4x114 are sold except for the last pair of 16x10+20
  4. O1G Steel Wheels 4x114, 5x114, 5x120! From $99ea

    Super low prices on steel wheels. 15 and 16x8 have sold out 17in 5x114 and 18x10+20 are low Plenty in for BMW / Holden 5x120! D-hole 17x8 5x120 40 Black $99ea Star Spoke 16x8 5x120 25 Black $89ea D-hole 15x10 4x114 20 Black $99ea Circle Hole 16x10 4x114 20 Black $99ea
  5. O1G Steel Wheels 4x114, 5x114, 5x120! From $99ea

    17x9+10 5x114 now available. Limited to 4 sets! $120ea. Freight starts at $10/ wheel and tyres from $89ea
  6. S14 Parts Galore!

    Hey guys, We currently have heaps of S14 parts in stock at the moment! Here is a taste of what's available, if something isn't on the list then we may still have it so ask away! S14 Factory Option Rear Quarter Inserts! $200per pair http://s1187.photobucket.com/albums/z384/option1garage/?action=view&current=s14insert2.png http://s1187.photobucket.com/albums/z384/option1garage/?action=view&current=s14insert3.png 5 Stud Conversion - $880 with Brakes/ Front Uprights / Lower front arms / Rear Brake Reo Series 1 - $99 Reo Series 2 - $50 Bonnet Series 1 - $220 Guards Series 1 - $160ea Guard Drivers Side Series 2 White - $180 Rear Bar Series 1 JDM - $180 Boot Lid with Series 1 Garnish, no holes or wing - $150 Climate Control Units - $80ea Doors - anything from parts to bare shells or complete doors, let us know what you need! White and Red Front Bar Series 1 Fibreglass Red - $199 Grill Series 1 Red - $95 Headlights Series 1 - $220pr Headlights Series 2 - $450pr Mirrors - $45ea (both sides available in a few colours) Nose Chop Series 1 Bare, perfect for fixing front end damage - $220 Side Skirts Fibreglass Navan Stlye - $180pr Tail Lights Series 1 - $45ea Tail Light Series 2 Drivers Side - $80 Tail Light Centre Garnish Series 2 - $110 Radiator with Fan and Shroud - $180 Injectors with rail and Regulator - $ 650 for everything Intercooler Kit - $950 complete or $700 without TD06 inlet and outlet Anything not listed, ask away!!
  7. Steel wheels are on order! 10% off with 50% deposit for pre orders!!! 15x8 + 0 4x114.3 - wedge - gloss black $99 Pre order - $89 16x8 + 15 4x100 - wedge - gloss black $110 Pre order - $99 16x8 +25 5x120 - 5 spoke - gloss black $110 Pre order - $99 16x10 +25 4x114.3 - wedge - gloss black $120 Pre order - $108 17x9 +10 5x114.3 - 5 spoke - silver $130 Pre order - $117 The wedge design you see is a new look for this order, we have limited this order to 20 of each size and have already taken pre orders. Expected delivery is 8 weeks but this is dependant on a large amount of variables. Deposits will not be refunded for any reason. The options above are the only options, if you prefer another colour, size or any change you will need to order 20 wheels, Group buys welcome if you order at one time. The wedge wheel is based on this sample. The pictures below are of the last batch, the 5 Spoke will be the same in the new order. The options above are the only options, if you prefer another colour, size or any change you will need to order 20 wheels, Group buys welcome if you order at one time.
  8. Steel Wheels Round 2 - Offset and Dish New options

    I have one in the works now (No 17in 4x114 sorry) the next one will be placed a month or two after they arrive. If you can organise a group buy we can order them buy payment must be upfront and there is no guarantee on delivery as it varies based on customs, shipping and the factory manufacturing time etc.
  9. hi there ATR achilles dont make that size tyre sorry thanks
  10. hi there 235/40/18 ATR will be $100ea freight will be $15 per tyre thanks
  11. Hey guys, Our S15 has been packed and is around 4 weeks away. It is coming over as a front cut and parts so we don't have all the small parts but will do our best We are taking deposits of 50% on the parts listed below, ask if there is any other part you need. Please supply your post code and suburb if you need a freight quote. Engine with HKS Ex manifold , Chipped ECU , VG30 AFM , braided turbo lines $3,800.00 6 Speed Gearbox $990.00 Tailshaft $280.00 Nismo Super Coppermix Clutch $880.00 Manual Conversion G/Box , Pedals , Nismo Clutch $2,200.00 Manual conversion pedals / cylinders / lines $330.00 Full Roll cage with all mounting hardware $880.00 Bride seats with rails Pair $1,200.00 Front uprights with hubs / brakes / lower arms $660.00 LH Door $330.00 HKS Oil Cooler with remote Filter $550.00 Greddy Radiator With Silicone hoses $440.00 Momo Wheel / Boss kit $220.00 Steering Rack $280.00 Power steering pump $185.00 Starter Motor $110.00 Engine Catch can Radiator mounted $150.00 Rear widebody guards $330.00 Bonnet, headlights , front gurds , RH door not for sale Pics are available on facebook https://www.facebook...42868526&type=1 Photobucket http://s1187.photobu...ion1garage/S15/
  12. Sorry they didn't make it into the container.
  13. Steel Wheels Round 2 - Offset and Dish New options

    SpotMan, I have 16x8+15 available.
  14. I have on with the folding function for $220. Freight is only $10
  15. Steel Wheels Round 2 - Offset and Dish New options

    Apparently so.... I have no control over it as the delivery depends on the ship, port, customs and weather. They are still within the original estimated delivery. I will be calling all the pre order customers the moment they arrived and have been counted
  16. 3 Solid Colours available in We have another shipment of Zenkai Wheels! They are almost the same as the last lot, the only difference is a machined edge on the lip. I have updated the first post with the full size range All sizes are in 9 hole with 4x114.3 and 5x114.3 and are available in carbon black (matt black), matt bronze and mat gunmetal. 17x8 +15 17x8 +25 17x8 +35 17x9 +15 17x9 +25 17x9 +35 $770 Per Set! or $395 Per Pair. Exclusive to Option 1 Garage. $880 per set NOW $770 per set!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Limited Stock $880 per set NOW $770 per set $1380 $1280 fitted with 235/45/17 Federal 595-SS $1315 $1215 fitted with 235/45/17 Hero HZ-1 $1620 $1520 fitted with 235/45/17 Kumho KU36
  17. Steel Wheels Round 2 - Offset and Dish New options

    Today is the last day of pre orders! Ford- you have a message
  18. Steel Wheels Round 2 - Offset and Dish New options

    The supplier has received paperwork for the container which is good news. They said early next week looks to be when they will arrive. I'm looking forward to calling everyine as I know so many people are hanging out for them
  19. hi there 215/45/17 ATR $92ea and freight for 12 tyres will be $210 thanks
  20. Steel Wheels Round 2 - Offset and Dish New options

    We were updated early last week (after the last false alarm) with an estimated delivery this week or early next week. I don't want to make promises as it's dependant on weather, the dock and customs.
  21. Steel Wheels Round 2 - Offset and Dish New options

    The images below have 13mm more poke then the +25 we are getting. Pre Orders have been going well, were getting low in some sizes. Remaining stock below, Looks like they will be 1 maybe 2 weeks away. 15x8 + 0 4x114.3 wedge gloss black $99 Pre order - $89 12 16x8 + 15 4x100 wedge gloss black $110 Pre order - $99 12 16x8 +25 5x120 5 spoke, gloss black $110 Pre order - $99 Plenty 16x8 +0 4x114 Wedge, gloss black $110 Pre order - $99 12 16x10 +25 4x114.3 wedge style, gloss black $120Pre order - $108 4 17x9 +10 5x114.3 5 spoke style silver $130 Pre order - $117 6 PM or reply for pre orders
  22. Steel Wheels Round 2 - Offset and Dish New options

    Not at this stage, I can get some when they arrive. The size equals 16x8+0 which a lot of people use on S 13s