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  1. T28BB or T28Bushbearing/jorunal?

    It's a ball bearing model
  2. There's a S13 with the same kit conversion that competes in the D1NZ drifting series
  3. 10" NPC Clutch

    Cracks will appear on the spot welds that hold the clutch pedal bracket together (on the pedal bracket)
  4. The car must have originally been automatic. That's been bridged to tell the auto computer that it's in park/neutral. Just tuck it under the fuse box out of sight ftw.
  5. Thoughts on this Silvia

    Complied in 2011 but it still only has 104,000kms? Fairly suss amount of kilometres for the price imo. Most that I've seen with such low kilometres are asking at least $20k plus.
  6. My super GT Nismo S15 - GT300

    Damn this is so much win!
  7. MY S15

  8. Lockies S15 VVL Kicked In Yo Version 2.2

    Rad build man!
  9. G'day man, welcome to the forum. Extra 13k premium for a type R is a crazy amount! If I was you I would start upgrading the suspension first. Coil overs, fresh suspension bushes and sub frame mounts, a decent clutch and LSD is what I would be looking at, For less money, a brass gear shifter bushing and a brake master cylinder stopper would also be definitely worthwhile in my opinion. Good luck with it man.
  10. Brake setup on S13

    Next part I would buy would be a bmc stopper from GKtech. It's a excellent upgrade on any S-chassis. Get someone to pump the brake pedal while you watch just how much the firewall flexes and you'll get what I mean.
  11. The easiest way would to be look on Ebay for a S13 "dash cluster surround" that has all of the switches and blanking covers attached with it rather than trying to find just that particular blanking switch.
  12. Not sure what to do

    I vote for just an engine swap. Way cheaper and less downtime, not to mention less hassles.
  13. How to get off data from Android?

    The app called Smart Switch is the best one I have found to back up or transfer data from an old Android to a new one.