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  1. Was a top day, Vic Drift Members Days always deliver, thanks to the guys that made it all happen Anyone got any pics / vids?
  2. VicDrift Practice Day - December 2010

    Cheers to VicDrift crew for putting on an awesome day, was a fantastic event! Flow was nice with Issac doing a great job on the startline. My car felt simply awesome for the first few morning sessions but the arvo was a bit up and down with a dirty afm, throttle cable and shifter boot coming lose prevented me burning through a 4th pair of tyres. (Possibly a good thing for my wallet) Was also good to see Zeph stepping it up after each event Blake - Yo_Mang: Thanks heaps for those pics they fking wicked! Really looking forward to a big 2011 for Team Street-Forced.
  3. R32 GTR service manual or 300zx both have gbox sections in them. You will need very long gear pullers and a decent bearing separator most of the reverse/5th gear stuff cant be pressed out.
  4. few Q's about complete new wiring

    My setup: I would say the hardest part is the relays, some relays piggybacking off others and shit. If your able to get past that the rest is easy. Service manual, multimeter and many hours is all you really need. Stripping the shit out is pretty easy, I reccomend laying the whole loom on the ground as it would be in a car and start cutting shit out then work from there with relocating stuff. When I did mine I had some outside help from a wiring guru and any custom stuff was drawn/sketched out, makes shit a lot easier when you have a solid plan. Also label important wires as you go. After the entire loom was re-done on my car the only thing that didnt work was the speedo because the two yellow wires one with a green stripe and one with a light blue stripe were incorrectly joined (the colours looked so damn similar)
  5. Droffa linked the whole track... Eat a bag of dick. No matter what the conditions a good driver will not spin, you accomade to conditions. Aka tires, pressure.... From where I was sitting there was a whole lot of spinning and getting bogged going on
  6. Another post-event ns.com shit fight.. Sorry to disappoint you droffa, were you driving on Saturday or just there to poke holes in my driving? Most people know I have an extreme hatred for wet drifting. Afternoon session when the sun was out for a brief period killed it, most of the puddles around the apex's disappeared and was able to get a few decent laps in. Thanks to VicDrift for the day, bring on a DRY October event
  7. s13 rear ball joint

  8. The dowels will be pressed into the block but they dont need to be removed. The studs on the bottom of the retainer screw in exactly like a manifold->head stud, use the same method of locking 2 nuts together on the thread then undoing the back nut to unscrew the stud.
  9. Yeh screw up hoses arent ADR approved. I made up the full deal for my car except I use the M10x1.0 -> -3 flared adapter to run all -3 hose ends on the brake lines instead of shitty banjos and copper washers
  10. Don't need them, mine runs fine with only basic sensors
  11. 180sx fuel lines size?

    The fuel pump cradle just uses a push on fitting thats been flared. If you want braided hose just get -6 and some coloured cover clamps to go over them.
  12. IMO get the 2 nuts you take off the studs, put them on 1 stud, lock them, remove the stud, repeat. Cover slides off nicely without removing sump
  13. Can you get the door pins (x4) and bushes (x8) for S13?
  14. 215/45/17 Federal RPM now available!

    Price on 2x delivered to 3199?