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  1. Price : $150 Condition : New hi selling a set of energy suspension - poly subframe bushes for s14/15, brand new in box. red in colour
  2. Price : $60 Condition : Used hi selling a set of solid subframe collars gold in colour, not sure what brand returning my car to stock
  3. RB20DET into S13 GUIDE

  4. f**k thats really clean, I am currently doing mine right now, the stuff on the rear wheel arch and trans tunnel is some other sht that doesn't go off well with dry ice. So I started to chisel it off. Will buy citrus solvent to clean the rest up
  5. My s15 arrived today :)

    nice first car (if it's your first car), reminds me of how excited I was 12 years ago when I got my first car (s13 auto sr20)
  6. cold start issues?

    check your battery...
  7. car stalls after fmic

    I chucked on the airfilter and it stopped stalling and runs smooth...
  8. manifold cracking fun..

    the stock manifold on my stock auto s14 s1 has hairline cracks on it right now, its ok when its cold but 10 mins into driving you can hear noises, had it welded up as a quick fix but it shat itself 2 weeks later, getting a ss manifold in might as well. Apparently this was a problem on the s1 s14
  9. car stalls after fmic

    yeah while i was driving the car around today i can feel a slight misfire, I move the batt. to the boot its sitting in a battery box right corner of the boot. I think it may be a bad earth I earthed the negative terminals to the boot latch, i did sand that part of the paint down abit but i just checked it out now and it doesnt seem like its the best contact. My neighbour (an eletrician) reckons i should get a star washer and scratch the fk out of that part then bolt down the washer so it bites into the metal. Is there another other grounding points i can use?
  10. car stalls after fmic

    I went and checked all the piping,silicon hose and clamps. had them tighten and aligned, got proper bungs to block all the spare pipes but car is still not idling smooth, its misfires every minute or so a very slight misfire but its annoying me, could this be from the leaking exh manifold? when i took the car for a test drive i can feel a very light misfire when im cruising but at WOT its fine. I also relocated teh battery myself could that have affected the idle if there is a drop in voltage?
  11. Wind FORWARD odometer

    calm down lol why have a sh*t fight over a stupid odometer, wheres all the respect guys.