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  1. S15 Burning oil tips and ideas?

    Stanley comp gauge from supershit, $40. sr tested at roughly 145 psi each and rb tested at 170psi across all 6. I'd say the Stanley is reasonably accurate. Yeah this one was SP tools or something rather, might try my mates more repretable branded one soon and see if i've bought a dud
  2. Sounds like the ol VVT rattle, not to familiar with it but someone on here should be able to diagnose it properly for you and tell you what you need
  3. S15 Burning oil tips and ideas?

    Auto Barn have one for $60, tested mine and received a glowing report of ~110psi on all 4... Not burning oil and drives fine so either gauge is stuffed or i'm in for a surprise the next couple months hope your results are a lil better than mine haha glhf
  4. Where do you buy all your parts from?

    Alright thanks heaps everyone, I'll check them all out. Legends Alright thanks heaps everyone, I'll check them all out. Legends
  5. Hey everyone, New to the forum and to Nissan's as I've just bought a 200sx s15. Ive come from owning a mk4 golf gti which was easy as hell to find oem/aftermarket parts for, using ecs tuning for literally any part I could think of or need. Now I've had a look around and searched for sites but when I look for parts for the s15 I find not much at all and if I do find a site they only sell a couple things here and there. RHD Japan seems to have quite the variety of parts but still not as much as I've found for the not as popular golf, which doesnt make sense to me. So I was just wondering if I'm looking in the wrong spots or where most of you buy your aftermarket/replacement parts. Thanks