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  1. Brakes have about heaps of meat left on them all running fine. $80 ono for the pair. Sydney 0412 937 251
  2. *ahem* maybe...err... send both seats to me here in australia, and i will test it for ya...lol
  3. flexible bodykits

    i noticed with all the jap mags and websites with their 'aero' parts, they normally have a version done in fibreglass, and/or the more expensive FRP, which probably stands for Fibre Reinforced Plastic??? or something, just a wild guess, im probably way off....
  4. wire from cat -- broken

    its your O2 sensor.
  5. is it stuffed

    dude, it could be what i said this morning or it could be your oil feed line...

    i have a 180sx, but im selling it due to financial reasons. but used to have an eg civic, and i used to thrash the root out of it. damn good car for a runaround. never had to change the brakes, the discs were flats as - no glazing, it would get body roll on tight corners, but you could get it so tight around corners and could feel its limits and it was dead stock exept for aftermarket rims. that bitch used to rev out. and mate, i wouldnt doubt the abilities of a ITR. although im a nissan family man, it still wouldnt put down or underestimate a honda. damn good cars, damn good engineering for NA.
  7. just a stab in the dark but is your temperature ok? it could be a radiator problem...
  8. its not all that bad... just drift everywhere you go, at least people will know its you coming around the corner or they will hear you squealing from far away...which could be a bonus...
  9. Dump Pipes

    maybe it needs a tighten or check the gaskets...
  10. *Bump* c'mon guys surely there is more people who know how to do this?
  11. Tanabe coilovers

    My bro had same problem but on a r33 and it was the two front coilovers. WD40 and a spanner with good leverage can save the day. completely dowse them and let it stand for about 30 min, gently knock them with a hammer to get the oil right in there. Im serious it does wonders.
  12. where exactly does it come out of? what do i take off to let the fluid out?? so are you saying pump all fluid out on all four wheels first. then fill up at the master cylinder with the new fluid and then thats it? its all finished? please i need more detail, SORRY if im buggin those already in the know.
  13. so what is involved with bleeding? im confused is it undoing a bolt or something while someone pumps the clutch until all the fluid is out? then you fill up with the new fluid and bleed it again? im still confused???
  14. Hiya, I have done searches on this topic but still seem confused as I have never done this before but am well due to learn how. My SR20DET 180 is well in for a replacement of fluids. Can somebody pleeeassse help me (and I am sure a few others) by giving a detailed explanation on how to completely replace the clutch and brake fluids, where are certain parts located and what to look out for? Appreciated muchy muchy!!
  15. Hi flow cat

    yeah cool, it is a pretty old exhuast from trust, circa 1993-94ish. thanks mate