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  1. Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone, I am new here, hoping to have a great time here. Also, I would be pleased if you give me your honest comments about the car below
  2. Maybe some of these may be of interest... https://www.wickr.com/ http://www.bleep.pm/ https://gli.ph/ https://www.silentci...tions/software/ https://telegram.org/ https://whispersystems.org/ and to stop location tracking via towers... http://www.privacycase.com/ or you can wrap your phone in tin foil - you'll look like a weirdo but it works and some vpn providers for people that need them https://www.privatei.../pages/buy-vpn/ https://www.expressv...1=australia_vpn https://www.goldenfrog.biz/vyprvpn https://www.ivacy.com/australia-vpn/ https://torguard.net/ https://www.ivpn.net/ https://nordvpn.com/ it should go without saying but to anyone thinking about just using free proxy sites; be careful, alot of these are set up by hackers to conduct mitm (man in the middle) attacks. When German Jews were filling out the 1939 census they probably didn't think to much of it either, who would have thought that the Nazi's would have used the census information to hunt them down and kill them. The real issue is not so much 'are you doing anything wrong?'. It's the potential for misuse of this information that is worrying. With there already being talk of expanding the scope of the plan to allow agencies like the ATO and even private companies have access to the data and the inevitable scope creep that will accompany such a program; there is a very real chance of this information being data mined to profile citizens, to manipulate and influence the political system, financial markets, judicial systems and engage in industrial espionage (kinda like what happen with the Indonisia incident). But just keeping in line with the thinking of 'haven't done anything wrong', ever downloaded a song or a movie? you think the MPAA, RIAA won't be going after this data? Ever swore at sombody in a txt message, phone call or online? You could be charged with using a carriage service to menace or harass. There are millions of pieces of legislation in place so odds are your breaking numerous laws everyday without ever even realizing it. Someone in a position of power has beef with you, wouldn't be real hard to go on a fishing expedition. Even NSA tools were hacked. When NSA can be hacked anyone can be hacked easily. It becomes, even more, easier when hackers have NSA tools out there.
  3. New guy moving to Oz!

    Welcome here dude. By the way, I am new too
  4. S15 has not been drivin in 2 years.

    Change all the fluids and lubricants