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  1. Thanks, it was the break lights on, thought it was the tail lights, didn't have much time to diagnose before I had to go out. What I thought was plastic was in fact really hard rubber and the grommet is missing. Thanks for all your help!
  2. Hi all, The tail lights on my s13 wont turn off. Switch is set to off and headlights are off. Found a bunch of broken plastic in the driver's footwell so thinking the lights staying on is an indication of something else being broken. Its a SR20DET. Anyone have any ideas on what could cause this? Thanks will post up a picture of the broken bits of plastic later tonight
  3. How much did it cost to get it done?
  4. Front demister stuck on

    thanks, will have a look tonight
  5. Wondering if anyone can help, the heater/aircon in my s13 is stuck on the front window demister. It doesnt matter what option is selected, if you select any of the other options ie, feet, the demister just stays on. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
  6. Other than David Hand Smash Repairs, anyone know any other good smash repairers in fyshwick that i can get a quote from to get some damage fixed, someone decided to reverse into the front of my car
  7. had mine tuned at autotech and have had no dramas with it
  8. Window Washers

    or how many people get there windscreens washed for free after they shake there head to say no
  9. Places to take night photos for cars

    ive seen some good pics taken on the road to the governor generals house, but im not sure how it would go at night
  10. dents

    theres a price guide on the site
  11. dents

    give Dent King a call, they do what your describing, and they come out to you to do it.
  12. Weekly meets

    can someone pm me the current meet point? i might be able to come out for a bit
  13. engine crane

    i think there talking about the guy who borrowed the stock exhaust and didnt give it back
  14. nats

    think same thing happened to one of my rear ones when i changed the pads a while ago. its nothing a healthy dose of wd40 and a light tap with a hammer once its all soaked in cant fix
  15. My housemates car got stolen yesterday from one of the carparks at belconnen shopping center, its beige 1980s toyota corolla, license plate number YDW-40X. If anyone sees it anywhere can you please PM me or contact me on 0422 762 361. Some pictures of it are attached Thanks Tim