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    any idea of dates for next year yet? bulk keen to rock that shit again, with my own car this time

    Just sitting at nrt waiting to go home This place is awesome, matsuri is fkin crazy. If anyone is still not sure about coming over just do it - shits cool as fk. One thing I'd say is learn to at least read katakana. Shits not hard and its used to write foreign words (a lot of car related shit is written in katakana) so it makes understanding shit sooo much easier. Also Skye was right, if you're a fan of high end Toyota sedans (like me ) prepare to lose your shit, they're fkin EVERYWHERE lol.

    I'd have to agree with you sadly, I was expecting a bit more in the way of proper performance bits. Ditto the Up Garage in Koriyama, thought there'd be more cool stuff in there. The tough as fk 171 Majesta parked out the back was a bit of saving grace though Off to Ebisu tomorrow, see if I can get some footage/passenger laps/pay someone for a short steer of their car lol

    found one in Fukushima just north of where I'll be staying, and theres a KFC across the road from it hahah mad shit. *edit theres one south of fukushima too, and one near koriyama

    is there a Super Autobacs near nihonmatsu or fukushima? Kinda keen to pick up a few bits for my new rig while I'm over there
  6. kris's A31 Cefiro

    This *milkshake* Proper enjoyed the Japan write up mate, I'm heading over in Nov but won't be driving and was getting a bit shitty over whether I should bother or just save the 3odd grand its gonna cost me - your write up has keened me up for it big time.
  7. n/a TALK <<

    video goodness, because I can CAde doesn't go that bad, I just need to drive it better.
  8. n/a TALK <<

    Lol SRde in a 32 that's dedicated Would handle fkin mint though, so much lighter in the front end
  9. n/a TALK <<

    I'll have to bang up a vid somewhere of the ol' CAde throwing down. It's not as bad as you'd think
  10. n/a TALK <<

    Don't worry bout 6 speed just get a 4.3 2way (or welded 4.3 r180 if you're poor like me ) and run a lower rolling diameter tyre. You have to run the car low to stop it looking silly but I've found 205/45/16s are a good compromise for me between low rolling diameter and still having some semblance of ground clearance
  11. old school s13s?

    Oi oi oi wait a minute, wtf is with that gold S13 in the background of the second pic? Looks like 180 guards and bar with 32 bonnet and grille and must be 32 head lights as well. Mad shit.
  12. n/a TALK <<

    Did any of the bits you got come with decent instructions on wiring the shit up or did you just wing it? I'll go suss your build thread when I'm not on my phone too
  13. n/a TALK <<

    Cheers for the info brother, might have to hook something up for shits and giggles. I've got a spare CA in the shed so even of it grenades it'll be a good laugh for a while
  14. n/a TALK <<

    I may have missed this but what did you do ecu wise to get the nos set up working Komen? You running a sil ecu or aftermarket jobbie?
  15. Modifying S13 interior

    Lol my little old thread that could Funny thing is I've had a few S13s since I started this thread and they've all been stripped ghetto skidders lol. The interior in the one I've got now is about as far from 'nice' as you could get Doesn't help its all filthy as fk from skidding through a muddy puddle on the track with the windows open hahaha.