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  1. S15 Ignition barrel jammed

    Yeah sweet I've got a workshop manual on my pc pretty sure I'll have a look, thanks mate I'll try get the barrel out and go from there
  2. S15 Ignition barrel jammed

    Any idea on have difficult it is to remove the barrel cause if I can get the barrel and key out as one I'll Take it to lock smith like that and get it repaired as per requirements
  3. Hey guys, Got a issue with my S15 and just wondering if anyone has come across a similar issue. So preparing to sell it and was doing some work on it the other day and had the key in the ignition on acc and battery was disconnect (forgot key was in ignition) anyway now the key has become stuck in the ignition, it turns fine from acc to on-start but just won't turn to LOCK to allow me to remove the key. Have pulled ignition switch off for a look and no change, also just wondering if anyway can point into the right direction of workshop manual or other reading to allow me to remove the barrel if need be. Any tips/ advice would be much appreciated cheers.