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  1. Price : $350 Condition : Good Selling le meshies. Were going on a car that I wont have 15x7-2 SSR Formula mesh. 4x114.3 Silver/Polished(just). Tiny dent on lip of one rim. Barely noticeable. No tyres. Cbf w/ photos, you all know what they look like. $350 Pick up only Located east Melb. PM's please xoxo
  2. Ouija Board.

    tis...how u say? ahh....le bullshiite
  3. Battlefield 3

    Just over 8 hours for me so far lol. My origin thing is nasasaur, add me kents. ^___^
  4. Vista won't connect to internet?

    just neck yourself
  5. Post up your favorite car blogs

  6. Amnesia The Dark Descent

    played it today. pretty faaarken creepy
  7. The Youtube Thread

    lol at power chuck
  8. need new nuts

    go to autobarn/supercheap/bunnings etc etc
  9. i live in the area so i might be down for this one.
  10. What would you do

    double tap
  11. S14 series 2 front bar

    i'm sure a lot of people do
  12. at a beginner drift event