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  1. hey...yeh its probably been deleted now...pm Loz he may be able to help you
  2. T70 turbo

    made in china enough said
  3. Titanium Exhaust

    i think titanium is 45% lighter than steel, but almost as strong
  4. CA18 to Sr20

    do you need a diffrent tail shaft? you will need bigger brakes...
  5. how do i go from SR20DE to SR20DET

    another cheaper option could be the rb20det out of the R32 Gts-t, dont turbo the DE mate, you wont be able to run as much boost
  6. To Paint or not to Paint

    shuddup you tool you've got the other thread bagging out 200's already, we got the point, you dont like them, get lost then, this site is based on 200's mate get a life, your car should be painted black mate, looks hot

    he means something like gtrs gt28rs or something along those lines i think
  8. who voted no ? O_o lol i swear it wasnt me
  9. VK diff

    sorry man, i respected you b4 for trying to learn but now your just becoming a holden post whore >
  10. L20 Quick Fix Til Buying SR20DET

    i head the k&n and apexi are the best ones going around, but iam not too sure, good luck with it mate
  11. pod filter adapter question

    oh man thats not good, ur turbo wont last long if its like that, unfiltered air, alot of shit goes in there
  12. L20 Quick Fix Til Buying SR20DET

    lol i saw your other thread in the tech section, your trying to learn which is good, a seccond hand cat back will cost you around 400-600 max, intake is really just a pod filter that goes on your intake
  13. L20 Quick Fix Til Buying SR20DET

    cheap seccond hand cat back, extractors, intake should be enough, good "bang for buck"
  14. clutch and box problems....

    o ok, might as well find yourself an Rb25 box for that price than