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  1. MY03 Club Spec6

    I forgot that I'd posted my WRX on this site. Heres what its looked like for the last 6 months. Not a fan of the STi wing on a non STi, I'm thinking of going no spoiler.
  2. WRX v EVO

    Lol effed that up What i ment was from the engine layout of both cars come from different platforms, yes they are both awd cars but when you drive them you the feel how the cars react from having two different engine layouts. Having been driving and being driven in a evo more then a wrx the handling between cars are notice able. As well as power between the two. Also when comparing the two you have to go sti vs evo. ( think someone already said this ) Both have been converted to rwd for drifting purposes by team orange WRX's are far from tail happy, they understeer like a mother f**ker (in stock form)
  3. I sure have and their all great wallpapers, but those 2 pics aren't there and their awesome.
  4. Any chance of getting the last two pics in the 1st post turned into wallpapers?
  5. Bug eye wrx

    Always take an STi over a wrx if you can afford it. Bigger brakes, stronger gearbox, better turbo, better suspension, better diffs, better interior, better tune, etc. All make them worth the extra cash.
  6. MY11 WRX

    very nice. I love the white, the pearl makes all edges stand out.
  7. wrx?

    Like all WRX's it takes time to grow on you. I really like it.
  8. People on Rexnet run 18psi without hassles, but 16 is where most people stay. Just over 14 is stock.
  9. MY11 WRX

    $60K gets you the base My11 STi and they really are worth the extra money over a WRX Have you seen the current liberty? ^^Looks like a Holden Cruze with a bonnet scoop. The previous model Liberty was a thing of beauty.
  10. PORN Material

    ^^^^f**k yeah. Don't see many matte Subaru's
  11. WRX v EVO

    Should be STi or EVO, fairer comparison. Most Evo's are grey imports which sway alot of people towards the STi's, not that many people on this site are worried about grey imports Based on looks alone IMO My06-07 STi(hawkeye)beats Evo7,8,9. Evo10 beats My08,09,10 STi and My11 STi beats Evo10.
  12. SR20DET AE86 JDM Trueno

    Awesome work. Love the Fat-Hauler
  13. ROTA WHEELS - from 15" to 19"

    how much for a set of 17x7.5 in 5x100 Boosts?
  14. ROTA WHEELS - from 15" to 19"

    Are the Rota Boosts available in either 17x8 or 18x8, PCD 5x100?
  15. Tiesto Sunday

    What a night!! My feet were like prunes by the end.