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  1. 4g93e

    quick question . I'm looking for specs on the 4g93e engine in the standard lancer basically i'm after a power figure ta
  2. how would YOU make your onevia look

    I'd make mine look like Scarlett Johansson. That way I wouldn't feel embarrassed to be in it.
  3. Chevy badges on Commodores

    I've got an Apple sticker on my Corolla. Does that mean I think it was designed in California and built under license in China. Although I read in a news item that a Corolla 5 prototype was recently found in a bar in Thailand.
  4. Answer it as of your most recent defect. Just something I was thinking.. No reason, just thought it'd be interesting to see...
  5. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Kobayashi can even overtake AFTER the race has finished. Hamilton and Alonso penalised 20 seconds each so he finished 6th. Quite deserved.
  6. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Hello Helmut.
  7. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Martin Brundle called it at the time. Vettels fault.. always and forever.

    you should read the comics hahaha and for those that wanna see. not the best pics. they really dont do the work any justice whatsoever. Have you been in a fight?
  9. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

  10. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    very very harsh... ferrari fixes a race by letting Alonso pass Massa and escapes with a $100,000 fine... few minor technical shit wrong with the Sauber's and its a witch hunt... thats f**king rat... at least don't take it away from the drivers they just be jealous because they can f**k s**t up... psst...your bias is showing, rules are rules,
  11. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    How could you call a German a dago, if that's a specific word for the Italians, you *richard cranium*. Because it will have less of a backlash than calling him a Nazi. He's a considerate racist.
  12. I'm ready when you are.
  13. Doesn't Adelaide have Mallala?
  14. compliance. jzx100mk2

    That tends to happen between cars of the same make/model..
  15. Education In America

    Its edUcation haha Oooh... that's like fart while proposing.. no going back now..
  16. Meh... it's not film.. Just shop that shit.
  17. Concussion is the damaged caused when the brain shifts violently (side to side or twisting) inside the skull. It can actually stretch (or even tear) the brain/stem material. The bigger the hit, the more chance there is to rewire something temporarily or permanently.
  18. All Japan Day 2011

    Thank you, and you're welcome.. Point 5 on our "Charter"