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  1. how to do lobster back piping

    So everyone is doing 7.5degree cuts. If you wanted it to be uber smooth transitions could you do 5 degree cuts? If you did this would you then still have the outer pipe length roughly double that of the inner pipe length for the segments?
  2. Evolution Vs. Creation

    i grew up full christian in my teens. born again, creationist all the way... but now i find it just as hard to believe that a god would 'just exist' just as much as the universe 'just exist' both puzzle me, but id rather place my chips on what i can see, and not maybe hoping theres a bearded man in the sky.
  3. great effort... now u smashed down the old farmhouse, time to go about building the foundation for ur fortress of SHREDDEDNESS AND HUGE KENTNESS!!!
  4. supplement advice for muay thai

    I find glutamine and glucosamine the best for me in martial arts. Also a protein shake pre/post is smart to try and keep ur body from going catabolic. Pre training carbs are also important for thai boxing as ur workouts and massively taxing.
  5. and ull get to scope on female figure models all day
  6. i got to genesis... used to go to terry bennets. cant really recommend it, but if u need somewhere open up till 11pm its good.
  7. Walbro vs Bosch fuel pumps

    twin walbros in tank
  8. dont think so champ. the gti-r block is quite different as its designed to mate to a completely different gearbox in a east-west position. u could rip the guts of the block out and with aomse machining fit them to a rwd block.
  9. mains are grooved in gti-r and they also use different rods with 19mm rod bearing instead of the s-series 17mm rod bearing. hope that helps.
  10. So anyone who has tried to replace their fuel pump will have had a hell of a time trying to refit the expanded black rubber oring seal. Threw mine in a 75 degree oven for 4 hours and voila, the petrol had evaporated out of the rubber and it fits again like a dream... and the rubber does not seem damaged at all.
  11. they flow more, greater surface area as well so theoretically u dont have to change them as much
  12. swap it with a 300zx tt fuel filter as they are even better.
  13. Just thought id let u guys know about the supposed fuel/oil resistant matting from clark rubber...its shit. Had some probs with fuel pressure so pulled my fuel pump out to see where i had installed around the pump to dampen vibrations it had perished to absolute shit with chunks sittign in the tank. So when installing a bosch, just use clamps metal on metal... that rubber does more harm than good.
  14. 100kg challenge

    WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT! such a wank... yea forsake muscle growth just because your grip is failing. do what you can without straps, then when its giving way put straps on.