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  1. Awesome diagnostic work there! I dare say if it went to a shop it would have taken a lot of time and money to possibly find that one considering there was 12v! Just shows that continuity testing can be just as important as checking 12v. Reminds me of when my car used to just randomly shut down at randim intervals just while driving, pretty scary. Tried a new fuel pump relay, new fuel pump, new z32 etc etc. Then I just got the multimeter out and started testing for 12v out of the ecu and found it was spasmodically sending 12v to the fuel pump. Ended up being bad soldering on my nistune board! Anyways good job mate and it will be handy to know for the rest of us!
  2. The Football Thread

    It is a sore time to be an Arsenal fan. So much promise this season yet it all slips away so quickly. As a gunners fan since I was 9 years old this is becoming hard to take. Wenger's petulance with respect to expecting young players to deliver trophies is growing a tad old. I mean you have to admire the philosophy and the way he breeds in youth, but it is starting to become old hat. The perfect example is united can bring on giggs and scholes, 2 proven experienced winners and they will lock that shit down and ensure a win. Arsenal just dont have this anymore. Gone are the days of Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira,Martin Keown etc. Now with Djorou's season over we have got no chance of grabbing the league; squilacci and koscielny just have no chemistry at the back. Seriously though why is Denilson still playing for us? He is slow, lazy and always gives the ball away. I think our main problem is we are too linear, and always try to press down the middle of the park. We have no width because our wing backs cannot cross for shit (granted sagna went OK last night) and VP is no good with his head. At least when Wenger bought Chamakh I thought he would try and adopt this style of play into our game but looking at the way Clichy crosses it just renders Chamakh useless. VP is made of glass, and his free kicks have fizzled into nothing of late. We will most likely lose Fabregas this season too (especially if we do not win anything) and that leaves a massive hole (I hope Wenger buys Gourcuff). Walcott at leasts provides a bit of width and pace but relying on 2 men is not the key. Our lack of depth is starting to show and why we did not buy a goalkeeper in January still mystifies me.
  3. s15 P/S Drive Belt

    Hey mate. Well after a lot of pain and misery I actually managed to get the belt on.... and it was quite simple. After seeing a few videos on the net I saw this trick where you get part of the belt on the pulley then just zip tie the mofo tight on there through the hole in the pulley, then you just crank the pulley with a socket and the belt actually forces its way on. After hours of cursing and swearing I got it on in less than 2 minutes! Now how to work out to tension the belts back up with the radiator and shroud actually in the car.....
  4. Hey guys. Did a search but nobody has posted anything like the problem I am having. I have changed 2 out of 3 of the drive belts on my s15. Last one remaining is the P/S one. I bought the same model no as my genuine nissan belt that was on there previously. 3PK875. Now to get the actual belt off I had to remove the pulley as even with the adjustment at minimum the belt was not loose. Now I have the drama of trying to get the mofo back on. Something tells me the belt MUST be too small, however the nissan genuine one that was on there was this small. I've undone the pivot bolt to try and get more movement on the P/S pump but it just isnt physically possible to move it any further in to give me slack on the belt. I'm seriously thinking of going to get a 880 or higher belt. Have any of you guys had the same problem and how did you alleviate it?! Any help much appreciated. Cheers, Javed
  5. Hi guys, I did a search but could not find a definitive answer. What are the numbers for the S15 belts? I have read a few different options and one I have seen on the bosch website says: Alt: 5pk940 AC: 4pk925 PS: 3pk880 However this was for a S15 SR20DE. Can somebody please confirm the right numbers? Cheers, Javed
  6. Bosch 040 into an S15

    I'd also like to add guys to be careful with the orientation of the top plate when you put it back in. There are mating marks with a white mark on the car and an arrow on the top plate. I actually put mine back in within range but the right angle connectors put twisting pressure on the top plate nipples and I had a hairline crack in one of them casuing fuel to piss out everywhere. The tip is to hook up the connectors and make sure there is not too much pressure yanking sideways at those nipples, screw the top plate into a positionso there is no pressure yanking on them. Just some food for thought! It cost me $100 and a lot of misery to solve this problem! Not to metion the stink of fuel leaking everywhere. Javed
  7. So I have to buy the whole unit?
  8. Ashman, wondering if you would happen to know the part number for the little right angle plastic connectors for the fuel lines that clip into the fuel tank plastic top for an s15? Thanks.
  9. Hey guys, Did a quick search but couldn't find what I was after. Okay so I took my s15 for a drive today to a workshop (funny enough) and I notice a strong smell of fuel. I replaced the fuel pump for the second time a couple of months back so immediately I am thinking theres something wrong with the lines back there. Pop the little metal cover off and there's fuel everywhere (I reckon I am pretty high typing this post, that sh*t has strong fumes!). Anyways the culprit is one of the right angle connectors for the fuel lines and its the one with the red plastic insert thing (if you get what I mean, theres a white and a red one). I noticed if you pushed the line at an angle at all the fuel would start streaming out under pressure. Now I pulled the line off and the red plastic insert stayed on the fuel pump tops plastic barb thing so I think I need a replacement red plastic insert that goes into the right angle connector. I know this probably makes no sense to most people but I am sure somebody who has replaced the fuel pump knows what I am talking about. Question is where do I get this from? Are these connectors universal or are they a nissan only thing and need to be sourced from nissan? Any help much appreciated! Cheers, Javed Edit: Heres a pic of what I mean. ITs the red plastic insert.
  10. I just can't bring myself to spend so much money on insurance per year and have such a huge excess when they only insure the car for around 15k. I think it's just ludicrous and hence why I am not buying into the just cars gimmick. They may cover your mods and this is good for people who have a shitload of mods that need covering. If you are like me an only have a few mods and would rather a lower premium and not have the mods covered then I think shopping around is a good idea. And you must remember at the end of the day if you have modifications and you cannot prove they didn't contribute to the cause of the incident ALL companies will try and void your claim. Even Just Cars (Just read their PDS). The only benefit Just Cars has in this respect is that they will insure your mods so if they get stolen or whatever they are insured. Oh and to answer your question HiJack; Insurance premiums vary dramatically based on where you live etc. Also I am rating 1 with another car fully insured comprehensive.
  11. 200SX S15 boost problem

    Hey mate. Just read through your thread and you said that they tuned in a safety cut into the ecu. However I know the blitz ebc's actually have a function to cut boost if it overboosts, so maybe its the actual blitz ebc doing the cutting and not the ecu? I could be wrong but worth a check! Cheers, J
  12. Hi Guys, Just been looking around for comprehensive insurance quotes for my S15. Now I am 24 years old (turn 25 in January) and been shopping around for quotes. Just cars want around $1400/year and the others (if they even offer me insurance as most won't insure till 25) are asking for around the same. The cheapest quote I got was $1260 from RACQ as I have another car insured with them. Then I had a look around and found Progressive Direct insurance who are a big player in the states (3rd largest auto insurer) but they operate on an online only basis so they can cut down on overheads. Now you can still phone when you need to make a claim which is important, however the rest of the process is online. They have just entered the australian market along with the likes of virgin money etc etc. to try and pull away some of the market share from the big players. The great thing is they offered me a quote of $690 / year full comprehensive and it goes down when I turn 25. Their policy on mods/aftermarket accessories is that they will only insure up to $2k worth of gear which will definitely not suit the heavy modders out there (just cars or shannons works best here I gather). But for someone like myself who is after a cheaper premium and considering I work a fly in fly out roster which means the car will get hardly driven it seems like a winner. My question is if anybody has had any experiences with these guys or knows somebody who has? Cheers guys.
  13. I'll donate my car if it means I get to keep the goodies!!
  14. I knew that question would come up and it is a good one but by the time I had realised I was getting charged $500, the bloke had finished the work. I didn't think it is within my power to refuse? I misunderstood the call out fee and thought it included an hour, but I guess that is purely my fault. I was kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place as I needed hot water too. But I honestly think $500 is excessive, even on a weekend. I mean you can nearly get a new system for that price. I just found out the parts online would have costed me $45. And they charged $200. Such is life! Oh and if it was a electrical fault I can claim it on insurance under the premium (confirmed with insurance) however the excess is $200. At least I get $300 back. I was even discussing with the bloke how they charge this much yet he sees nowhere near what they charge, but that's just the industry I guess. Should have just been patient and had cold showers over the weekend!
  15. Hey Guys, Just felt the need to vent and wanted to warn fellow ns.com members not to be as stupid as I was today. Hot water system wasn't working so checked that it was receiving voltage from the board and it was fine. Checked the element for continuity (power off obviously!) and it was fine so it led me to deduce that the thermostat must be goneski's. All the electrical stores were closed after midday today so I bit the bullet and ordered a plumber through Jim's Plumbing (you order it online) and he came out to fix it (they have the parts on them). Ended up costing me $500 to replace the thermostat and element (apparently it is company policy to replace both even if the element isn't faulty). Call out was $98 (which I thought included the first hour but boy was I wrong)and then I got charged $55 per 15 mins on-top of the $98 callout fee. And to top it off he charged me over $200 in parts when you can get the element and thermostat for $50 in stores! If I was patient and waited till Monday I could have fixed it myself for $50! The fault was due to a small electrical fire/short (insects got in a terminal and the terminal got toasted pretty bad). But the moral of the story here is don't use these franchise plumbing/services guys because they charge an absolute fortune. I got charged ~$300 in labour for a 15 minute job on a Saturday afternoon (a/h rates). Hopefully I can claim it on insurance and get some of the money back. Be warned guys. Cheers, Javed