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  1. Not true.. they impounded an s15 up here the other day for doing burnouts and racing around the town at 6am.. serves him right the prick woke me up... I gladly made a statement and see his pride and joy get taken away nothing but a douche that bloke.. makes sensible drivers like myself targets for doing nothing..
  2. seeing this shit I'm glad I drive sensible around Mansfield... But seeing this comes at no surprise to me knowing what the coppers up here are actually like..
  3. who do you know thats famous?

    Working up at Mt Buller I served Pete Murray & Steven Bradbury (olympic Speed skater) Delivered to Doug warbrik (Owner of ripcurl) Danny Green (co Owner of quicksilver) The people who own Globe, The lady that Owns Rivers At school my driving instructor is the Aunty of Andy Lee And in primary school mutherfuching david brown flew in by helicopter.. at 7 years old that shiz was unreal When the black saturday bush fires were on Peter Hitchiner was doing the broadcast from a mates house so we went out there and said g'day.. Big Coxy came into work same as peter brock when he was still with us And comedian Damien Calligham That Singer guy Dean Geyer.. Grant Denyer (alot smaller in person) came to town doing the weather and interviewing the boys that were on Australia's got talent At the Ken block Gymkhana event at calder met Jamie Whincup.. And that is my brush with fame
  4. I could cope for 16 weeks living off my holiday pay and another 5 weeks from my sick pay if I was to get sick..
  5. Caution - BUNNINGS SCAM

    people in this thread = Gullible
  6. taking a crap I gotta do a fireman's blanket and put toilet paper down so water doesn't splash up.. I hum When i sleep instead of snore.. drives the Mrs Crazy hitting me to wake me up.. 2 seconds later happens again getting water down my jumper sleeve pretty much makes me freak out.. Going to the fridge to get something to eat.. then keep going back to see if something else has appeared...
  7. Well this is a prick of thing to hear ryan dunn of jackass/cky/ Steve-o videos died Monday 20th june Reports say he was drink driving and his porsche ran off the road and burst into flames.... Its a shame I've been watching him ever since Cky2k came out and all throughout jackass and the steve-o dvds Sad but I suppose this is life . RIP Bloke......
  8. mt buller hotels/houses

    Closest apartments without catching the the village buses are the grand mercure Chalet, Abom... YMCA is pretty close, Breathtaker is bloody nice bout 100m walk to the holden chair lift Twin towers overlooks bourke sts, Alberg is right at the top of the blue bullet... these are all the main places for the bourke st run.... all the others ya really have to walk or catch a bus... or chair lift it
  9. where do people download 1080p from?

    Has anyone here had trouble playing movies on the ps3? Cinavia protected (Mutes out the sound of the movie because it detects no digital audio watermark that a bluray has) and ever since we had to update the playstation software since the hack most ps3's will have this Cinavia protected crap....
  10. You know your getting old when

    When you are at a concert and when the confetti falls down you wonder to yourself who gets the job of cleaning it up
  11. where can i buy pepper spray

    Smash up some habanero chillies and make it into a spray bottle (you want hot these mother lickers will burn the eyeballs right out of ya) classed as one of the hottest chillies out there
  12. Heater

    a splt system in the lounge with also a wood heater which gets blaring house sits at 30 odd degrees... then i goto my cold room and jump into bed with the elec blanket on
  13. I came out the bathroom when staying at mums one time and swirling around listerine in my mouth, and she shit bricks at me saying "didn't you hear that stuff gives you mouth cancer!!!" Mum smokes ciggies & drinks enough red wine to drought the land of it..... I think fuch it we all gotta die someday.. I'll listerine all i want I would rather have a big tumor growing out my mouth that bad breath, and if that mouth tumor stinks ill listerine the sucker...