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  1. Price : $30 Condition : Used As above JDM and Rare item! Good upgrade for Aus Specs Easy to install Available for pickup or Can post for $5 Contact only on 0424 85 85 15
  2. Clutch Issue?

    If it's occuring during hotter than normal days, or lurching thru traffic. Its possibly the clutch fluid reaching its limit, as all fluids have a boiling point I was told. Drain and replace with a better quality clutch fluid.
  3. Airbag Light Flashing

    Try; Set key ignition to Acc 2 Press the Driver door button 5 times in 4 seconds
  4. Does anyone know if and how the interior 'Silvia' badge on the lower passenger side dash can be removed?
  5. lol revival of my old thread
  6. Greddy Type LS intercoolers

    Ive got one, the core is the Gem in this kit; a lot lighter than a bar and plate core - about 1-2kg's less. Pipes line up up good aswell. See my info here: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...9&hl=greddy
  7. too much black i rex is a bit dull
  8. ^^ looks nice. prolli i'd experiment on the ashtray lid first. now....what silver to pick out all the shades....
  9. hmm....Those plastic trims doesnt have a flat and smooth surface. If looked closely you know what i mean. So wouldnt sanding it down etc affect its texture?
  10. Japan Trip

    ^ Yup JR bullet train =)
  11. Japan Trip

    Sweet, thanks
  12. Im goin to Japan 22 oct to 31. kyoto to tokyo to osaka. Im hoping to catch a drift event, perhaps D1 event or any good drift event Any1 now how, where I can check these out or any general advice from personal experience etc. btw... been to www.d1gp.co.jp/ via bable fish, and i cant undertsand the blardy japlish still cheers