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  1. 1995 Peugeot 306 - $2,000

    Make : PEUGEOT 306 Transmission : Kilometres : 195000 Price : $2,000 Condition : Used White 4 door hatch 1.8l Just passed 12 months rego Sony cd/mp3 player electric windows Air con 195***kms with service history Clean inside and out very economical 650km p/45ltr tank Great, clean little run about, can mms photo's if need be.
  2. Jobs That Pay Decent Cash $$$

    Get on in the mines. Since i started iv'e been putting a grand a week into saving's no drama's and still able to go to fly to bali/east coast etc on break's.
  3. Your new years resolution?

    Looking at plans for next year, iv'e been thinking about what my goals were for the year and how i went. This was posted near on a year ago. Work - Gained a job teaching as planned. Done Deposit - Have saved the money, though not sure if it's time to invest or not. Done Recover Debts - recovered majority of larger debt and have court ruling on minor one. Half Done Stay clear of bullshit - had an awesome year with great people, no issues. Done Boxing fights - Broke my hand and moved to the sticks for work where there's no boxing gym. Failed. Looking back, pretty stoked with the results, the boxing was a let down at the time, but iv'e focused more on weights training and have had some good results, so it's no biggie. Now jus to retreive that other debt, don't like my chance before xmas haha. How have others gone? Will you continue with some goals in 2011 or all new ones?
  4. 100kg challenge

    For me grip strength would be the killer on the deadlift, hang onto 100kg for 20+ would be killer.
  5. Got to love hearing and seeing results come to those who put in the effort. Congrats to simmo, gsr, 7MA61 and stupified for putting in the work and sticking with it.
  6. Ok, I stuck it out, trained consistently although through diet put on alot more weight than I'd planned, so cut back on carbs and cal's about a month ago. Initial Now BW 79kg 88kg Squat 8x80kg 5x125 Dead 8x95kg 5x150 BR 10x60kg 6x95 Bench 8x70kg 5x100 Military 8x40kg 5x67.5 CG Bench 8x55kg 10x80 Trained the top 5 lifts 5x5, with some assistance exercises at 3x8 afterwards (CGB, chins, dips, curls etc). Happy with results, though I had a groin injury for 2 or so weeks that stopped me from lower body work. Will take some photo's hopefully tomorrow and post.
  7. Just checking back in to see if this is still running. Have it finishing around now in my calendar. How did everyone go?
  8. good article

    I like the part about squatting for abdominal strength. For the last year i was mostly boxing training, doing core traditional core work (medicine ball, hovers, crunches etc) every session. Now that i'm back squatting/deading 3-4 times a week and not doing the other exercises, i'm much stronger across the core than when boxing. IMO you can't beat heavy upright exercises for core/ab strength (MP's, squats, and deads).
  9. Update; Put a few kg's on frame and all of the lifts, started drinking milk last week, see how i go with it. Question; Started playing football on sunday's, so running for 90 minutes, any advice on pre game feed? This week i just had cottage cheese and banana on whole grain bread bout an hour before. Anyone else with updates on their bulking, how we all doing?
  10. Squats

    youtube squat rx. It will tell you all you need to know, and give you way's to improve ROM and squat depth/form, one or two of the exercises helped my form out a heap. IMO for strength, size and functionality, squat low.
  11. The Post pics of your body thread

    As soon as i saw the photo's i thought scoliosis straight away. It's not a huge issue and there isnt really any way to fix it, just how your spine has grown and more reason to strengthen your posterior chain.
  12. What you ate for Dinner

    Not trying to give lip mate, but a fallacy in essence, is always wrong. Anyways like i said before, natural fats from whole foods is not the issue, it's those refined fats, found in fast/convenience foods that will f**k you up.
  13. What you ate for Dinner

    How come? What do you eat instead? will give u high cholesterol dude. u needa mix it up with fix and chicken. fix is the best option, so much variety. From what i understand the idea eating red meat causes high cholesterol is an old fallacy. It is the combination of a diet high in simple carbs and saturated fats that lead to high LDL levels and heart disease etc. In studies iv'e read, people on 'low carb high protein/fat' (including alot of bacon, egg's and steak daily) actually lost more weight and lowered blood lipid levels as opposed to those on a high carb/low fat diet. As long as you eat enough fiber and good fats from whole foods, steak and eggs each day is no issue, i'd recommend it as we need cholesterol to keep hormone production high.
  14. m&m's weight training & diet thread

    Hey M, how important do you see carbing up pre and post w/o when trying to pack on muscle? i can't ever recall you really recommending anything to do with it, besides making sure you have eaten some carb/protein within an hour before training and GOMAD. Been low carb for over a year now, what do you recommend? atm eating about 40g protein and a peice of fruit an hour before, shake and banana after and 40g protein with greens an hour after training.
  15. 79kg, Just started back at gym, after a year just boxing and more recently 2 months with broken hand, as such, my lifts are terrible. Squat 8x80kg Dead 8x95kg BR 10x60kg Curl 6x35kg Pull up 7xBW Bench 8x70kg Military 8x40kg Dip 14xbw Upright Row 8x45kg CG Bench 8x55kg Pictures taken Yesturday Have some side on and flexed, but this will do. Goals Squat 140kg Dead 200kg Bench 100kg BR 100KG Military 60kg Weight 85kg Big goals, but iv'e lifted much closer to these totals before i started boxing and weighed over 90kg, so hopefully i'll get back into it pretty quick.