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  1. Rim Buckled/Cracked

    Thanks Neil, do you have a contact no. For these guys??
  2. that actually looks like my mates old car to be honest... lived in mill park area
  3. Rim Buckled/Cracked

    Hey Guys, I have a rim on my new daily which happened to get buckled... anyways i was loosing pressure so i took it off and saw the buckle and tried to beat it out with a mallet anyways, think it might have cracked also... Does anyone know where i can get it re-rolled/repaired... any help would be good... Cheers
  4. 32 4 door slide car

    its my old car too luke... haha cage served it purpose and for 90bucks worth of steel i couldnt complain good to see it back in action nick!
  5. Came across this today. . . http://www.stancenation.com/2012/04/25/500-hp-mazda-rx7-the-ups-downs/ moral of the story is, drugs are bad!
  6. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    good stuff man, ive got a four door myself, if you need any help at all let me know ive built my drifter from scratch and i think you may have taken a few photos of it back last year. . . keep on modding!! haha
  7. VicDrift Practice Day

    dam mofo's entering soo early!!! now i gotta sit out til july! Yoshi we need more events!!! hahah
  8. Winton cage and harness question.

    got another question, can the harness be wrapped around the cage? obviously tied back with that buckle that you feed the belt through....
  9. Stolen from Drift Matsuri

    saw one similar tonight being towed on the princess hwy by a guy that was at winton, but now that i look at the photos seems like it wasnt it. . . ramps seemed different and it was a greeny colour with old black kingswood hubcaps lol
  10. calder park

    hey guys, calder is on this saturday. . . anyone know what time they start racing?? im going to take the 32 down for runs down the 1/4 if your there come say hi!
  11. Huge earthquake hits Japan

    thats crazy! sad news bout the first reactor going up, hope everything clears up and not much radiation has been exposed to the air. . . last thing they need is another Chernobyl
  12. VicDrift Practice Day - March 2011

    so website says only 40 odd people entering. . . would have been a good event if it wasnt so close to matsuri. . .
  13. VicDrift Newsletter Feb 2011 Edition

    prob been answered but is there drifting on every day or is it one day?? what day is it on. . . . lol
  14. VicDrift Matsuri 2011 - The Aftermath thread

    Lol that my head at the start of the video