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  1. price list got soaked to f**k cos someone spilt coffee all over it... will have to get a new set.. sorry for the delays... we are also looking to get the equip to rebuild garrett turbos but nothings concrete yet
  2. Hi guys!! long time no post eh? our contact was actually unwell and was unable to provide the pricelist to us. we have it now and all price enquiries will be answered tomorrow evening!! once again, my apologies on the delay and we will be delivering the prices tomorrow night. the offer that i proposed earlier in this thread is still valid and will last until 8pm 04/08/2005 so basically any price queries that result in purchases will be discounted or bundled
  3. hi guys.. had a bit of a delay from our garrett contacts. will be up asap. my apologies on the delay
  4. last day before our price list arrives. offer still stands!
  5. All prices will be answered on monday. From what ive seen with regards to the response to the topic we are considering a groupbuy on the T28BB turbos power racing charts will also be available... cheers, Jase
  6. These are sourced overseas with a 12 month full aussie warranty!!! Once the turbo is purchased we will get your full details - name, car rego etc. these get sent across to honeywell. and if in the unlikely event of something going wrong you can take the turbo to any garrett dealer in australia and be covered to the full extent of the warranty
  7. hahaha..... 1 coupon for the daily planet!!!!!!! any girl you want!! : P :P i did mean something!! thanks for that
  8. hi guys!! i am so so sorry about the delays on our price list. our garret contact is actually unavailable until monday so we will have a complete list by then. also to compensate for this, anyone who places an enquiry on a garrett turbo and decides to purchase will be recieving someone from us! possibly a discount!
  9. All Prices will be answered today!! Ill be getting a full product list so whatever is on there ill just post up as its requested :D cheers
  10. i didnt have time to pick up the price list today so i will DEFINATELY get it tomorrow. ill see what i can do about the "retail" prices we been strictly told not to price war other places so we are going to be sitting on the boarder with the prices. yes they will be cheaper but dont expect half price or anything
  11. sure can!! will be up at around 8pm tomorrow installations also available too
  12. Thats right guys.. any garrett turbo you want we can get within days!!! i am getting an updated price list from them tomorrow so until its up name whatever you like!!!! no timewasters on this one either cheers Jase
  13. how much for just the wide panels for the s15 gt wide kit? would require an inspection before purchase though
  14. cool mate whats your stock like? can you link me to a pic of it too? do i need to contact you before i go down and pick it up? doesnt come with a rear bar? can you also pm me the address that i can pick it up from...?