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  1. Airbag

    awesome help guys worked sweet on mine... ign press 5 times and then wait for odd flash the turn ign off then back on... thanks again
  2. My avcr having the same problem... suddenly the other day my avcr is no longer reading boost... it does not even go negative on idle... what could be the problem... im pretty new to using the avcr thanks guys
  3. just a quick question...has anyone done this... and will it work...
  4. 185rwkw on 16psi (180sx sr20det), gt2871r 52 trim, .64 exhaust wat kind of results are these bro... you should be making at least 220kw with that aamount of boost and that trim i got mine back this week i pulled 233kw on 14 psi... got same mods as u but i got hks cams step1... my actuator died at 15 psi... i got a new one... will wind up to 18 psi... and should get 240 - 250 kw.... oh yeh i got forgies... nevertheless you should see at least 220kw with 16 psi.... on 52T gt2871r...
  5. bro ted is right its got glue on it... just use little force... not too much
  6. quick questions

    but to get it out theres this tool u use looks like a 2 claw and it attaches to ur socket ratchet... or else take the risk and use a screw driver hahaha...
  7. quick questions

    far out the stock location is a pain in the arse isnt it...i got a trust relocator best 100 or so i ever spent hahahaa easiest way to change oil
  8. s14a turbo help needed

    dont get kkr man they shit turbos... get a gt range from garret you cant go wrong... im getting my gt2871r tuned should get it back tomorrow can let u know wat it makes tomorrow... hoping round 240 - 250 kw on 20 psi
  9. s14a turbo help needed

    both mate you got two water and one oil line...
  10. blinkers going hay wire

    well no blinkers are busted... i was told that blinkers and parkers are seperate and not having parkers wouldnt effect the blinker speed.. funny thing is when i turn on hazards it doesnt blinker quickly... only does it when i flick the indictor.... so im guessing it could be what the last guy kmakaz said... i try that... thnks
  11. hey fellas this is the scenario: all blinkers work im not running parkers at the front and my rear plate light is out... could this be the problem... im not good with electronics ... was wondering if anyone ever had the same problem so i can fix it quicker.... thanks blinkers blink very fast
  12. hks cams

    headlock had a look at your curve thats real awesome vertical pattern... how responsive does your car feel bro...hows the acceleration and mid range... i would hope to achieve that kind of curve with about 240 kw... on about 18 psi... i let u know how i go wont have car tuned and fitted with cams till another 2 weeks... car runs like shit at the moment... i wacked in the gt2871r... and everytime i hit 4000 it cuts off... cant wait to the pfc goes in and tune ... i got the same mods as u and i cant wait to see what happens... i got internals done so i can run a lil more boost.... see how we go...
  13. What's this noise?

    yeh sounds like it... cos when my mates cars bearings went made the same noise
  14. me neither why would it matter what kind of pump you got... well i got a full tank it now so i gotta wait a few days for it to go down again and try again
  15. at first i thought it was random pump... now no matter where i pour it happens