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  1. Personally i dont think you can ever put a deal with motorsport that the person at fault pays. that Accident could have just as easily happened due to the falcon having a mechanical problem. heck for all we know the Yates and Cece ( sorry if the names are wrong ) were going to hit each other anyway. impossible to know what might have happened, or could have happened, only what did.
  2. Rep system is back!

    was my pleasure good sir
  3. Rep system is back!

    I propose the rep system works in a way that the person who recieves the most in a month becomes the following months Celebrity Moderator. Full Access. ever since Obama the thought of a black man in power excites me, Judy, I vote you!
  4. Rep system is back!

    wish we could leave little notes when repping. Pman i upvoted you because unlike most of the world i thought Jaja Binks was cool (expects to be neg repped for that )
  5. Rep system is back!

    i have 4 points, that will get me a handy from chris
  6. Rep system is back!

    I see your positive and raise you a Damn negative glass-half full kinda person arent ya. If you can't beat them, Hurt them enough so someone else can finish the job!
  7. Rep system is back!

    i give it 2 days before you get over looking and just let the Rep Wars take place I don't mind rep wars, as long as it's more positive than negative! lol if Australian Politics has taught me anything, It is Best to go NEGATIVE!
  8. Rep system is back!

    I see your positive and raise you a
  9. Rep system is back!

    HA! i have four rep points, im baller!
  10. Rep system is back!

    i give it 2 days before you get over looking and just let the Rep Wars take place
  11. Rep system is back!

    This post is hidden because the author has a reputation lower than your threshold. This post is hidden because the author has a reputation lower than your threshold. WHO NEG REPP'D ME, I WILL EAT YOUR FAMILY I was testing to see if i had 2 or 5 neg reps available, after negging you three times, it appears i have 5. stacks on laundo cunts!! Do it and im negging you !
  12. Rep system is back!

    This post is hidden because the author has a reputation lower than your threshold. This post is hidden because the author has a reputation lower than your threshold. WHO NEG REPP'D ME, I WILL EAT YOUR FAMILY I was testing to see if i had 2 or 5 neg reps available, after negging you three times, it appears i have 5.
  13. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    i've only ever used cut down broom handles as clutch aligner tools admittedly that was on old Datsuns. But worked a charm
  14. only thing i can suggest is look up boss kits, see if the 180 and n14 list the same kit ( ie same spline ) could still be other issue's you may run into, it's the kind of thing that until you try it you won't be 100% sure.
  15. Are nissan silvias fast?

    What? Buy a new WRX or Golf GTI/Golf R, Or any of the hot hot hatches (ford, Renault) and you can have the ECU flashed for an easy 30-50KW. throw in an exhaust and a filter and you can get even more. thats not from factory, thats aftermarket support. my point being a manufacturer has the ability to make the cars perform a lot better then they do from the factory floor. But they dont because of things like ADR, fuel economy, emmisions and most of all, ability to sell.
  16. Are nissan silvias fast?

    I think it's not as simple to make the cars as fast from factory as it was years ago. if a new car now can not meet certain emissions levels it can't be sold. If a new car can not meet certain Fuel consumption levels it won't be bought. also it is hard for a manufacturer to build a car aimed at what is really a small % of the market and not go backwards. now days for the design, build and launch process of a car you are talking hundreds of Millions of dollars. quiet a few hitting the billion mark and that is even before one is sold. that is a LOT of $30,000 cars to be sold to get back what the initial investment. But to answer your original question, Yes i do believe cars now days are quicker stock to stock. BUT Probably not in the Front engine Rear Drive format Format.
  17. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    not real sure about where you live, but most places i've seen won't pass those seats. might be able to throw on some seat covers to hide for inspection though
  18. What Australian drifting needs

    Was a track built where i live( opened last year ) for go karting and Bikes, Local drift club hires as well. it is a 1.1km long track ( maybe 1.2 ) which in all aspects is extremely short. things you have to consider, Fencing, Entire property has to be fenced, Pretty sure you are not allowed to used barbed wire and steel pickets either you're looking around 20 or so acres for the venue so budget around 40 thousand for fencing, earth works and drainage. in all honestly you want to lazer level as much as possible and work out your drainage etc first, easily in the tens of thousands to do so. you also have to do impact studies on the road leading to the venue. roads are built with an expected travel along it. if you're planed development is going to increase the traffic along that road beyond what it was designed to handle then fair chance council will ask you to pay for the developlment upgrades to that road. or at very least pay for the turn in etc. any land you get is going to need clearing. any decent land anyway. so things like tractors etc need to be hired ( way to expensive if your talking 20 acres ) or borrowed. Now on top of all this the Go kart track that was built here has been told to Budget a minimum of 200k every 10 for resurfacing. so not only do you need to find the initial funds to build. but have to ensure your selling the track at enough to cover the previous costs and the up comming costs. you need amenities by law which are meant to include a disabled toilet access as well, $40,000 and above for that ( or $20,000 for the port container fit out ) This is all before you have purchased the land ( or leased of council ) or built the track. To put into perspective, im part of a club that has 25 acres beside the go kart track for Entry level Rally, Khanacross etc, we only have to play in the dirt. we have invested over $100,000 in development and that does not include labour as its all been donated by members. we have had the land since 2007 and 2012 was the first year our club turned a profit at the end of the financial year. there are a lot of costs people dont realise, specially when you go from dry hiring a venue where you know up front what your expenses are to maintaining a large area where a new expense can come out of the blue. I guess what im saying is it is definatly do able, you need to make sure you know what your in for though. Best advice i can give for those who want to get into it is find like minded clubs and get together, Go Karts, Road Bikes, Find a CAMS or AASA affiliated car club who wants to use it for short track grip. all get together and realise that a million dollar track ( yes that is what it will cost ) needs to be used every weekend to make it worth while. get as many involved and make sure you ALL know what its going to take. and be prepared for Tantrums, people leaving, new people coming in with idea's that are different to what you have. Good luck
  19. Charging problem

    ahh yes I have seen this problem before, The Black Wire goes to the Battery Negative Terminal ( usually there will be a Negative mark beside that terminal, usually represented by a - ) the Red Wire Goes to the Battery Positive Terminal ( usually there will be a positive mark beside that terminal, usually represented by a + ) this will also affect your jump starting the car, having the jump battery or Donor car hooked up to a Battery that is not hoooked to the car often results in a non crank experience. I would suggest hooking those two wires up correctly and trying again without the jump battery or Donor Car first to see if this results in cranking experience.
  20. E46 m3

    Dont listen to Dre, he is toey because his engine is due to blow again. I could not care about brand off wheels, But to me the orange is to much for the car.
  21. Drifting quitters

    i've never drifted but been doing club level rally for 11 years. I've come to the point now where i no longer enjoy it. (most of that came because i have to organise and run events which means when you get out of the car you don't get to calm down, its full on ) I agree that the bug never leaves you. maybe it gets replaced by other things that take more of a priority, a House is def one of those things. if you honestly can not sell your car then call it a long term project. give it two years, build up your parts, do stuff when you have time and money. eventually you will have a chance to use it, or want to use it.
  22. What Australian drifting needs

    *I love my mum* just got all kennedy on us haha Just testing out slogans, i think i have a chance for prime minister against Gillard and Abbott in a couple of months
  23. What Australian drifting needs

    I dont get why people just dont enjoy the sport and stop the bitching. if you want to be in the main game, develop your skills, develop your car, put your name in the hat ( and Fricken Turn up, dont just pull out because of one shit round ) and see how it goes. if you want to just kick it and have, support your local club, go to practice days ( and Fricken Turn up ) Stop asking what Aus Drift needs to do for you, Start asking what you can do for Aus Drift.
  24. Epic car fail thread

    similar set up to what i have on the pulsar except i dont have the silicon joiners to "force" air in could not go straight on throttle body because it would hit the Master Cyl. Could not keep airbox because thats where my catch can etc ended up
  25. Mechanical , equation help

    im far from smart but would assume the mathmatics is something along the lines of Mass x Gravity x decline = inertia or some shit like that good luck with it all, ( hope someone smart answers )