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  1. Iron Man 3

    Saw the preview last night on imdb.com. I've liked the iron man movies, I think the mix of smartass ism and action make for good viewing. looking forward to seeing it next year

    looking forward to seeing the pics/vids from the trip
  3. Forced Motorworx -MAY- Thunderdome practice day

    its one of the rules that gets overlooked or ignored a lot. Im a CAMS official for the club im a part off. we let the 12year olds do the quicker stuff on non competitive events with adult supervision. not allowed in the comps though. Being we do Rally things are a little different to Drift as well Just got to be carefull, end of last year we had a 15 year old who's dad had been in motorsport for 50 years ( competing and officialing ) He said the son was fine to drive. I was in my car in the pits and saw a glimpse of red in my mirror, hit the throttle and got outta there coz the 15 year old was in reverse and full revs full lock luckily he ran it up a pole to stop it
  4. Forced Motorworx -MAY- Thunderdome practice day

    CAMS its 12 for a motorkhana and 14 for khanacross ( i would imagine drift falls into the higher catagorie ) also all juniors are meant to have competed in a motorkhanas and been observed and deemed capable of handling the vehicle before moving onto any higher forms of motorsport
  5. Jzz30 1jz turned Jza80 1jz build thread

    Needs to be laying rails before NS considers it low. For what it's worth, my cars are much higher than this. yup. Never going to please everyone and on this Site he already has his "fan ""hate"" Boys" could rock up with a white type x 180 on the rails with everything done "right" and be criticised for not having a shocker sticker on the rear window or some shit
  6. Not everyone should be buying a house straight up after moving out of home. shit the amount of times i see people change cars on here i would hate to see what they would be like locked into a 300k+ mortage for 30 years. To me renting was like an evolution of life, I had some amazing times in rental properties
  7. Moved out at 17. had a few places on my own tried living with mates as well ( all good for a while but eventually you get sick of different people not paying rent or pulling weight )
  8. I race with guys who are in their 60's and 70's ( club level rally ) im 33 this year and after a weekend of racing im sore as f*ck so i can only imagine how they feel, But its their passion so they keep comming back and doing it again and again. I think your interests shift but the underlying interest is always there. for me personally i feel like im comming to the end of my club level rally era, I've been doing it for over 10 years now and im starting to lean towards building a street registered car to cruise around in and take to the drags from time to time.

    to be honest it will probably work better then standard lights pointing forward. cable tie them on the bonnet with a slight angle so when sideways it lights up where you want to see

    what motor blingy? sweet looking ride, paint looks amazing
  11. /////

    Photodump from the paint process. Sorry about the shitty quality photo's. they were taken using my 19 Mega Pixel SLR Digital Camera using a white balance lens. also you may notice i got EXTREMELY lazy and did not even bother masking up the glass. so now i have this full on haze thing happening which i think will catch on with the drifters soon. have not washed the car since painting it or buffed the clear at all, so fingers crossed when i do it shines up and looks a bit more even and nicer
  12. Datsun guru's needed.

    yes BUT its not just straight bolt in, I did the Stanza updrade on my old 120y rally car, you have to grind the towers a little ( not a hell of a lot but you do need too) bolt holes line up tho. I also had to do a bit of dicking around and put a stanza Steering rack ( well rod's ) in, i can't remember if that was because of the struts or because i re drilled where the lower control arms go to push up the lower part of the wheels for Neg Camber from memory the brake lines need to be moved as well ( I just put on longer rubber lines ) was over 10 years ago i did it, had a hoist and done it at a wreckers so had parts
  13. ^^ did not realise till i posted that you can't fully see it, first oil filter is made in USA ^^
  14. Holden moved to being a "global" company quiet a few years ago. but even so, before then they were sourcing parts from oversea's. I doubt you would find any manufacturer who doesn't Holden and Ford Assemble cars, they do not in house build every component as the price to do so would be extreme and throw out any chance of a sale or profit. Korean Cars would be the same, Chinese, Japanaese. toyota for example build cars on a "on demand" production line. Most manufacturers build cars with an "on demand" style production line. if there are 50 cars comming of the line that day then there will be 50 steering wheels turn up that morning, 50 engines etc etc Here is a pic of probably the three most common oil filters in my stock (alloytech v6, 4jj1 diesel rodeo/colorado. 3.8 V6 Commodore as well as a lot of euro cars, ie astra etc ) Other places of manufacture include indonesia, Just about every bulb comes from Germany the old 3.8 v6 spark plugs were made in Japan ( does that make them a partial JDM car? ) Timing Belt kit for an imported Astra. Made in Australia, Same as a vary of Brake pads I've got parts Made in France, South Korea, Mexico and a heap of other Places, it is the way it is and has been for a very long time, Holden and Ford are as Australian as they always were. they employ Australians ( heck, they even fire Australians )
  15. things that annoy you

    to be honest the up yourself importers are just as bad as the bogan "commonwhore" owners both perpetuate a hate for a reason they don't really even know or understand why while keeping to stereotypical idea's
  16. i could be wrong, nearly same size as yours, different offset though and 5 x 114.3 for $950.00 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Work-Emotion-XD9-17-5x114-3-Bronze-STI-EVO-Honda-Nissan-Is200-/221204431124?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3380cfc114
  17. i would say with wheels they price of them varies depending on the current social trends. im not an offset guru but the size's etc on those dont seem to be what i see people purchasing. good luck with the sale
  18. things that annoy you

    I think most of the 4lyf's are to justify they made the correct decision the first time. A loyalty to a product despite others influences or even problems purely because they dont want to be proved wrong. v6commy4lyf yo
  19. /////

    Did a little yesterday afternoon. drilled a few holes for the bonnet pins (which did not line up perfectly so had to bend my rad support panel about 2mm ) So i got out a bit of metal i had for reinforcing my front bar and decided i would finally measure something and use a straight edge before cutting, actually want these to line up Started cutting holes in my bonnet for the Bunnings Vents, YES i bought bunnings door vents dammit! Without the airsaw from work i had to use my jigsaw and the metal blade i had was not real long, worked well till i hit the support ribs under the bonnet getting a longer blade this week to finish so i can seal it all up before rust nom nom noms on it. This is how it all will kind of sit, but the vents will be painted when i re do the bonnet. Also started working on my console for the switches etc. I've got some persplex from an old Narva bulb cabinet i took from work and will cut it to fill in the gaps, the top section will be my toggle switches and the bottom will be my kill switch.
  20. Left Foot Braking. Do you find it faster?

    when you're against a clock 500 or 1000 rpm can make that difference. Explain to me why top drivers . Craig lowndes . Jamie whincup. Mark Skaife use the single foot acc/brake ? Rally drivers I understand I was more refering to my experiences on dirt. the left foot breaking helps keep the car tidy, which of course helps my times. the fact i can leave a corner with more RPM helps as well. I am still refining my technique, at the moment im around 4 seconds slower then the quicker guys in my club ( Im still running street tyres too, have not gotten rally tyres yet ) before left foot breaking i was consistantly 5 seconds slower per lap ( laps on average are around 55 seconds ) I found while right foot breaking i was off the throttle longer while trying to get the car to behave ( as perviously mentioned FWD's have a bit of a Back of Steer issue on dirt ) and despite popular belief, sideways is not actually faster I agree with previous comments that at first it is definatly slower. I started my season last year with trying it for the first time and i admit for the first few events i had the odd instance of stuff up. more so forgetting that my foot is hovoring over the brake and going to change gears with a quick stab of what i assumed would be the clutch only to find my head going towards the windshield at a rapid rate of knots
  21. /////

    i have them in my possesion, paid $5.50 and used works TNT account to get them too me
  22. /////

    Had been chasing some 14" wheels for a while now, something strong that i could run rally tyres on, I think i have been pushing my luck running thin spoked 15" alloys with road tyres. had a few local deals fall over, last one was a set of 4 alloys of a laser at the local fire station for four cartons of beer. one of the firies wanted the wheels for his own car which left me with no wheels and no beer. they paid me back what i paid for the beer tho eventually. few weeks back i was looking on ebay as i often do for wheels and came accross some 14" with the 4x100 stud pattern for $5 with one bid. I put in a max bid of $30 and couple of hours later i won them for $5.50 5 x Volvo Rims Just like a golf
  23. Left Foot Braking. Do you find it faster?

    when you're against a clock 500 or 1000 rpm can make that difference.
  24. VC commodore... for the drifties

    it's going to be one of those cars that turns heads when you start it up i think. Also good being you're first car and you have kept it for this long, it should definatly be a keeper