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  1. What the?

    had the same thing happen once. my problem was the aftermarket cruise had a cable to the throttle body and i linked over the throttle body and held the butterfly wide open. happened when doing a change from first 2 second round a corner. looked good to other people because it just spun up mad in second.
  2. have been looking to upgrade the motor in the girlfriends laser. Ford only has a turbo option with a manual gearbox. was lloking at going nissan if there is a turbo motor auto gearbox option that will work car is a 93 kh laser 5 door fwd any help or info would be greatly appreciated
  3. headlight not workin HUH?

    don't forget to check the obvious, nissans usually run a fuse for left hand lights and a seperate one for right hand so if one blows you still have lights
  4. Installing a headunit into an S15

    first thing to to is buy a test lilght, only bout $15 that way it's a lot eisier to find permanate power, remote power and your earth, or if you want an easy way out go to you local parts or stereo place and ask for a harness from S15 to XXXXXXXXXX what ever make and type head unit you have, will just be a plug in job then good luck