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  1. Drift Skills Hits calder park AUG 25th

    I got my place booked in and all paid up for and my 2-way diff installed too can't wait, really looking forward to it hopefully you guys have seen the DVD with D1's Ken Nomura (Blitz 4 door R34) where he teaches Verena Mei (model / drag racer / was in Tokyo Drift) Well yeah in that he has two cones set up teaching switch backs and then hb and clutch entries... That would be great because i cant switchback (yet) hehehehe Also a 'theory' session or more like a Q&A session where we can ask the pro's some stuff would be great too Having an instructor sit in the car with us would definately be awesome! .. that's my two cents!
  2. how much is post to Melbourne VIC?
  3. changing s15 clutch

    I had heaps of trouble finding somewhere that would machine my flywheel so i called nissan - new flywheel? $2,000 WITHOUT GST There IS a place in Dandynong that can do it, i only say this because my mechanic at the time managed to track them down. I have no idea where they are or what they are called, or how much it would cost, but I know it is in dandynong (sorry about no more info!) Oh another thing I was told is that once the dual-plate flywheel is machined, it shouldnt be done again... so next time we blow a clutch we better have the dosh for a flywheel too ... i'm prob going to go aftermarket lightened flywheel when it does eventually happen

    actually it brings up a good point. is it against EPA to have a venting bov or an after market bov? if it's the first, this should be ok even though its "ventable" so to speak

    yeah I know it's expensive, but I still think at the end of the day, it's worth the money to avoid the hassle and yeah, as long as its hidden enough, hopefully cops won't see it!! There's adaptors to suit most cars to replace their standard bov, but I will be putting it on my FMIC so it should be well hidden

    Have you heard about the deceptor pro? It's the latest from Go Fast Bits. It's like the Stealth FX in that it has a atmospheric or plumb-back and anything in between option! The difference with the deceptor pro is that there is an electronic in-car adjuster, just like a volume control, that allows you to change the amount of plumb-back or atmospheric venting as you go! It just won three awards at SEMA, and I managed to get the second one sold!! Of course, this means heaps to us import owners because you can silence the bov and avoid EPA and attention from the cops, and as soon as they leave, you can vent to atmosphere again! Well, I'd suggest having a look at the website: Go Fast Bits Deceptor Pro , there's a video on how it works and stuff... Good work GFB!!
  7. Oil Temp Guage

    http://cgi.ebay.com.au/OIL-FILTER-OIL-TEMP...1QQcmdZViewItem Try that. Should solve your probs
  8. oil cooer

    but what about for example, a completely stock car that is only daily driven? would it still be advisable to get an oil cooler?
  9. DIY : POD Heat Shield + Grounding

    hey this is good stuff... know anything that's the same for S15 or should I apply the same concept? i'm talking basically about the ground wiring... and another thing, what can be done if your batter is actually relocated into the boot? Also, my ground wiring kit only comes with 6 ground points, which ones would be the most important?
  10. High mount manifolds?

    is this in Vic? how and where do you go to get it EPA approved? same places as exhaust testing? where can you get this info? VERY interested in this...
  11. High mount manifolds?

    hmm...no other response eh... damn i was actually hoping someone else would....
  12. factory s15 stereo wiring help

    its weird (and Nav2k can vouge for this) when i put my speakers in, even when i changed the wires around, the tweeters sounded out of phase... and yes the ground was just to the chassis. if your head unit is not it, pretend it is but look past it. there's this white bottle thing (technical teminoligy is my speciality) and just below it are two metal stumps. that's where my ground was... if i remember correctly....
  13. computer in car

    try http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=110274
  14. to carputer or not carputer

    ... you could be drifting while your passenger drifts on a pc game. Nice! I'm trying to look into 'mini' laptops rather than a computer. That way, I can do what I need to, get home, get out, unplug the laptop and use it like normal inside...