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  1. Tim. Have you looked up PTC Adelaide? If not I STRONGLY suggest you do. Excellent place to get into lifting.
  2. Inspiration to lift

    For the Chicks/Aesthetics mate. Also I like being strong.
  3. You know what it is, what it looks like and you know you WANT it. $450 BRAND NEW. Ive plugged it in and turned it on to have a look. Haven't even put GT5 in it. CASH ONLY. Pick up in Harrison. PM or call 0439889484 Simon
  4. General chit chat thread!

    its been raining RIDICULOUSLY hard the last 8 or so days here and up in Sydney. Todays the first day in ages the suns actually out for more than 5 mins.
  5. Blueys training log

    24/11/10 Set 1RMs at Squat: 155kg Bench: 100kg Dead: 200kg So now ive got a baseline I suppose I can train up from there.
  6. General chit chat thread!

    Nah the cone weave. I kicked over two cones and put my foot down. Realised id been practicing with short cones my foot goes over instead of knocking over so when I did the real thing with proper witches hats I kicked them Vic Ps test sounds like a piece of piss.
  7. Require OS4.01 or greater. Im out. Not updating to a buggy OS just for this.
  8. General chit chat thread!

    Failed my Ps on the weekend and the zippers tore off my Dririder boots so theyre in for warranty fixup SHIT WEEKEND!!!
  9. Australian Motorcycle Expo

    Im not even in Vic and tempted to drive down for a look. Should be some good stuff being launched and Ducati have promised a surprise. im hoping Diavel.
  10. Zumba

    My wife did it twice. I bagged it for weeks beforehand but she still went, reportedly there were men in there but they looked like whipped husbands. She doesnt go anymore, back on the kettlebell. Its like a dance version of the ab swing. Anything that promises FUN + WEIGHTLOSS + LOOK LIKE A MODEL = millions of women buying in.
  11. General chit chat thread!

    The Hyos plenty of fun to ride, craps all over my ZZR250. I dont think ill get tired of it on my Ps as its plenty quick enough and handles/stops well, cheap to get parts for etc. I looked at a Suzi SV but couldnt get the extra cash Its insured for 3k more than I bought it for so worst case Ill have an 'accident' and get something else.
  12. General chit chat thread!

    Sell it on the quick after I get my Ps and get what? a Ninja 250? Only other LAMS bike that interests me is the Suzuki SV650 but thatll be an extra couple of grand over what Id get for the Hyo (maybe 7k) read through the Hyo manual and 'wiring' is not covered under warranty. But I did get a free tow so total came up to just over $300. Fuel got in the oil via the breather pipe in the airbox, no biggie now its fixed and wont fill up again.
  13. Bike recomendations

    None taken Backing what everyone else says, Im on a LAMS 650 and am itching to derestrict it on they sly.
  14. What gear do you wear while riding?

    Ive heard one good report to dozens of terrible ones regarding Peter Stevens.
  15. Blueys training log

    Done some sessions since but forgot to post. 17/11/10 Deads: 5x5x150 Bench: 2x8x60 3x5x80 Pullups/Blue Band: 5,5,5 Dips: 2,3,5 Need to reset my 1RMs, I have nfi what I can do these days and give me something to work on.