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  1. Nah the cone weave. I kicked over two cones and put my foot down.


    Realised id been practicing with short cones my foot goes over instead of knocking over so when I did the real thing with proper witches hats I kicked them :(


    Vic Ps test sounds like a piece of piss.

  2. My wife did it twice. I bagged it for weeks beforehand but she still went, reportedly there were men in there but they looked like whipped husbands. :rolleyes:


    She doesnt go anymore, back on the kettlebell.


    Its like a dance version of the ab swing. Anything that promises FUN + WEIGHTLOSS + LOOK LIKE A MODEL = millions of women buying in.

  3. The Hyos plenty of fun to ride, craps all over my ZZR250. I dont think ill get tired of it on my Ps as its plenty quick enough and handles/stops well, cheap to get parts for etc. I looked at a Suzi SV but couldnt get the extra cash <_>


    Its insured for 3k more than I bought it for so worst case Ill have an 'accident' and get something else.

  4. Sell it on the quick after I get my Ps and get what? a Ninja 250? Only other LAMS bike that interests me is the Suzuki SV650 but thatll be an extra couple of grand over what Id get for the Hyo (maybe 7k)


    read through the Hyo manual and 'wiring' is not covered under warranty. But I did get a free tow so total came up to just over $300. Fuel got in the oil via the breather pipe in the airbox, no biggie now its fixed and wont fill up again.

  5. Didn't end up trying on any Arai ones... Got the XR-1100 in Matt Black, happy as a clam.


    Peter Stevens should be shot for their shithouse customer service though. I had a friend with me at the time who works in retail, and she was disgusted.


    Ive heard one good report to dozens of terrible ones regarding Peter Stevens.

  6. Done some sessions since but forgot to post.




    Deads: 5x5x150


    Bench: 2x8x60 3x5x80


    Pullups/Blue Band: 5,5,5


    Dips: 2,3,5


    Need to reset my 1RMs, I have nfi what I can do these days and give me something to work on.

  7. OK so Joes have fixed it up. 3 issues found.


    1. Main fuse shorting. Cause: Reg Rectfier wires were kinked and touching causing the short. guessing due to constant lock to lock one the bike they stretched and kinked.

    2. Air box filling with petrol. Cause: 'big lump of crap' in the fuel rail. Would also explain why my FI light has been blinking at me for the last week.

    3. Oil polluted with fuel. Cause: i forget but they changed the oil so thats an extra $50


    Total damage: ~$400 including the tow.


    Im going to check if the reg rectifier issue should be a warranty job. Dont much feel like paying for that given its

  8. Yeh it wouldve been warm. Parked it in the sun on the tarmac.


    I think somethings let go behind the headlight in the front. Its def shorting on the chassis somewhere and it looks pretty tight in there and all the slow speed lock to lock stuff probably tugged something loose.

  9. They offered me one of theirs for $100 for the rest of the day.


    Just got off the phone with Stay upright and itll be $100 to rebook the course or I can just do the test at no charge (as ive already paid for it)


    I didnt really get anything out of the morning so im just going to do the test when I get my bike back, rang the shop and theyre looking into it this afernoon. Fingers crossed it something obvious.

  10. Well went to get my Ps on the weekend, booked the whole day course. Practiced for 2 hours in the morning and then went off for a 30 mins break. Bike was performing fine. No noises, issues, lights etc. Parked it in the sun and came back to do the test! exciting!


    Turn key, flip kill switch. Bzzzzzzzt. Nothing. No dash, no lights, no power. Nothing.


    Pulled the seats off to get to the battery and fuses, battery OK, connections fine, Main fuse is blown. WTF? OK no prob I have a spare. BZZZT. gone as soon as I contacted it. OK.... root around a bit more, press some plugs, wiggle some wires. Last spare.. BZZZT.



    (doesnt quite cover it)


    So I had the option to use one of stay uprights bikes for the rest of the day (at a cost of $100!) or rebook at another time, refund and stuff yet to be determined. Id BETTER get a refund out of it, seriously!


    Anyway, I called Joes Motorcycles (Hyo Dealer) and they came and picked it and me up and its being looked at today. Given the bike has


    Fingers crossed I get a call back today.



    ahh cheers for that mate. you'd think in this age that we live in, shit would be a bit more efficient


    Funny you say that.


    I ordered stuff for my bike from Korea, Ordered Monday, arrived at my door Friday. :mellow::o Faster than most places in NSW ship stuff to me :doh: