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  1. The only difference is that I don't have that wank-factor, cafe-yuppie attitude and ignorance that most scooter riders have.


    I don't like scooter riders much. They're not even licenced motorcyclists, being able to ride those 'things' with a car licence, yet they're a motorcycle statistic in the event of an accident. Its these inexperienced and untrained idiots that inflate motorcycle statistics. I've seen these fools do the most stupidest things in traffic, thinking they're invincible because they're part of some exclusive club. Yet they wear no gear!


    (end rant) :P


    I love seeing the girls in their safety stockings and kevlar suit jackets. Oh wait... :rolleyes: open face helmets.... *cringe*


    You have to do the same L plate course as a motorcyclist here to ride a scooter, its like learning in an automatic car, you get a mark on your license indicating SCOOTER ONLY.

  2. how long did you have your Ls?


    just over 12 months but only riding ~3 of those.


    I have full drivers license but Ps are still required here in the ACT but only for 12 months. Then you tick over to a full R license.


    Getting my practice on, GODDAM U TURN. I can do it but not consistantly. more practice required.

  3. Theyre a cool bike but seconding what others said.


    youll spend twice what paid for a clapped out one fixing it or if you pay more $$$ for a good one you could get a 08 Ninja 250 which is said to be the best learners bike avail at the moment.

  4. Dont know what ive been doing lately, lots of distractions.




    21 - 15 - 9 reps


    100kg Deadlift

    20kg Overhead Squats


    I thought the squats would be harder, shouldve gone heavier. Traps and shoulder are FKING sore today :thumbsup:

  5. tidy tidy and pipe on. rego'd obviously.


    Got a tank bag for it which is helping a lot out on the motorways at 100+ kph didnt realise how much a fairing helps.


    Pipe sounds MAD! loving it. Its been in for a service, had a few bits fixed up (bar ends fitted, steering lock fixed) and some other things.


    Its running like a (thirsty) dream :lol: really happy

    tail tidy.jpg


  6. Hey guys ive been getting around in on of these helmets for the last week and cant praise it enough, my review is below. There are distibutors now in Brisbane/Melbourne/Canberra and Sydney is coming soon too.


    Fit and Finish is excellent on the 3K Carbon. All flush edges and smooth plastics. No rough spots, loose plastics or fraying materials. Chin curtain and fog guard fit seamlessly and easily into their respective positions. The carbon looks fantastic with a perfect weave and the join up the centre immaculate. The visor seals very well and holds its position when cracked open. The design quality on this model was very good and sat cleanly over the helmet. Excellent.

    Comfort. The weight of the helmet, or rather, the lack of weight is immediately apparent when picking up the helmet. When you put it on it slips easily on no ear scratching or forehead squeezing. It has a rounder feel to me, similar to Rjays or HJC. Dont think Shark type heads will fit too well but give it a crack as the cheek pads and liner can be changed. I can fit a pair of sunglasses on under the visor quite comfortably. The pads are soft and snug but not squeezing or smothering. After wearing for a decent ride I had no sore spots or pressure points which was a nice. Very good.

    Ventilation. With 4 vents up front and a large single one across the back the helmet is well ventilated. They are easy to operate on the go with gloves hands finding the slides easily. Opening the fronts removes any breath fog you may accumulate. It hasn’t been hot enough to work up a sweat (yet!) but I feel cool enough in the morning to warrant closing them up which to me means it vents pretty well.

    Weight. The 3K Carbon is in a class of its own here. At 1.3kg weight it is the lightest full face helmet on the market. Head checks are a breeze and due to the good shape you don’t feel buffeted turning your head around. An excellent buy for anyone who suffers from tired neck after a long ride. Easy to carry around when you eventually stop. Outstanding.

    Visor clarity. I’ve been using the clear visor and can report its clear. You can see through it, it doesn’t distort, cleans easily and swaps out very easily for a tinted visor. The visor changing mechanism is EASY and takes about 15 seconds if you’ve got the hang of it. Excellent.

    Noise. I haven’t used more than a handful of helmets but the noise isn’t probably a little bit worse than usual. I put this down to the lightness perhaps skimping noise insulation. It’s by no means uncomfortably loud and easily a happy trade of for half a kilo of weight on my head. I’m not wearing ear plugs either which I probably should be doing with any helmet anyway. It does make a mad noise if you have the top vents open and do a head check.

    Other. The lining is fully removable and washable so you can de-stink your helmet after summer which is great, you can chop and change the padding to fit your head. There’s a range of visors available. The chin strap padding is perhaps a bit thin but again, this is a helmet designed for lightness.

    Overall. I’m very happy cruising around in the 3K Carbon. It gets comments from other riders who notice the sweet carbon. I think it looks dead sexy in the plain colours. Gladly recommend you get one on your head soon!


    Link here for melb distributor and more pics.



    Gloves are still available for $100 a PAIR! They are brilliant quality, look em up on Netrider getting very favourable reviews. Black/Black or Black/White.

  7. So I am in the process of upgrading all my gear for summer, and already purchased-


    Alpinestars SMK Leather Jacket- Having used it a few times already on the hotter days this jacket is awesome!

    Alpinestars SPX Gloves- summer gloves are amazing so much more ventilation and movement compared to my old SP3 gloves.


    Now the hard part is I am up to my helmet choice, I have been rocking the open face for the warmer days but I still want to get a new full face for its safety. I have narrowed it down to either an Shoei XR-1000 or Shoei TZ-X both I have tried on and feel great and can be had for about $699 or so. After having a quick browse online for some Shoei helmets in the states I was devastated to find I could purchase a better/safer model of helmet from Shoei for cheaper minus a 10c sticker that says "AS1698"..Why do they do this to us?? I am almost even tempted to purchase an X12 from the states and transfer an old sticker onto the new helmet.


    Once helmet is purchased then next comes the Alpinestars SMX boots finished off with some new Kevlar Jeans and I am set for summer.


    Dont buy an Oseas helmet. They are the same model but they are NOT the same underneath. Oseas models do not comply to AS1698 and as such void your insurance (usually) if youre in an accident and is considered 'riding without an approved helmet' by the po-po. Transferring the sticker in so illegal its not funny not to mention theyre designed to fall apart/peel should you try.


    its like the American Ford Explorer. Looks the same as the Australian one, but underneath there is subtle differences that make it different. The helmets sold overseas comply to different standards levels than we have here, changes need to be made to the helmets to meet out standards which pushes the price up. Also Shoei has a SOLE importer meaning the price can be set at whatever they want, there is no competition in the importing meaning the price is whatever they want it to be. :(


    Have a look at the link I put up in my post above at the Carbon Fibre helmets, theyre in your price range and are BEAUT!.

  8. How do you pick up girls on a TLR with no pillion seat :mellow::huh:


    Sucks about the radiator. At least it wasnt too bad a hole and stopped you in your tracks.


    Loving the other pics btw :wub:


    Just put a tail tidy on my bike last night and putting a pipe on tonight, will get washed tomorrow and ill get a pic up :)

  9. Insurer: QBE

    Insurance type: Full Comp

    Insurance cost: $540

    What bike you have: 2009 Hyosung GT650 Comet


    Went with them over IMR despite being slightly more expensive because they offer $4000 gear cover, no-claim protection and much lower excess.

  10. Second bike :) getting back on after my stack back in March which wrote off my ZZR and me for a while :stretcher:


    Its a 2009 GT650 Comet EFI LAMS model. Got plans for this one :thumbsup: 1090 kays on it so its booked in for first service on the 20th.


    Booked in for rego inspection on Monday. Needs new mirrors which are on order.


    Have put red wheel tape, have a pipe waiting for after rego, tail tidy and rego tube on the way. Thinking a rear hugger as well while the dollars good :)



  11. should we start up a newb questions thread or can i ask in here?



    so ive just been practising around the small streets and i keep getting the shit tailgaited out of me :(


    should i speed up, pull over or just keep doing the speed limit. its quite scary as im still learning and its kinda putting me off riding :(


    Mate pull over and let em go. Its a *milkshake* act tailgating a learner on a bike or in a car. Dont try and go faster then youre comfortable or be intimidated. Just let them pass and carry on. :thumbsup:


    Find a quieter place to practice like 18LE suggested a new housing development with roads but no houses is ideal. or a big empty carpark. Usually plenty on weekends in office type areas. :thumb: