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  1. 7/10/10


    Deads: 5x110 up in 20sx5 to 1x200kg


    Bench: Warmup 8x50 3x8x60kg no wrist wrap for bad wrist this time, gotta take the training wheels off.


    Sledge hits: 3x10 each arm. (hitting massive tyre with sledge hammer)

  2. Bike arrived on Sunday :D


    2009 GT650 Comet EFI LAMS model.


    1090 kays.


    Ordered a pipe and some other goodies from Korea which should get here next week and then itll go over rego. Should also have my new MotoLegion helmet then (see Jeans thread)




    Will not touch any lid under about $500 ... including HJC or any other of the cheapies! What price do you want to put on your brain?


    My Rjays SP2 $350 protected my head just fine in my crash, full roll around scuffage and a long drag across the face. See pic. was comfy, relatively quiet and not too heavy.


    I dont believe the '$100 helmet = $100 head' argument but you get more of other things from more expensive helmets, more comfort, more noise dampening, more features, more artsy designs to choose from etc etc.


    Dont get me wrong, I would have an $1100 Shoei over a $100 THH but at the end of the day, they both conform to the standard.


  4. Dont listen to the complainers mate, theyre just jealous they only had clapped out CBRs and ZZRs to ride when they were learning. :rolleyes:


    The new EFI Hyos are a great bit of kit for the cash and the 250 will depreciate A LOT less then a 650. Best of luck with it. :thumb:

  5. 28/9/10


    Squats: 8xbar 5x60 5x100 5x120 1x120 legs fkd out :(


    Mil Press: 8,8,5 42.5kg


    Pullovers 12,8x27.5kg hit myself in teh head 2nd set and stopped :stretcher:


    Rows: 3x8x45kg


    Pushups: 5


    Didnt feel good today, had a shit long weekend for eating and rest so sleep up tonight and see how I feel tomorrow.

  6. GLOVES are now available and can be bought online :)


    I got my pair today, very happy with them. Kevlar lined, water resistant and look SICK!


    $120! Cheap as! Same as AlpineStars GP Pro. Avail in Black/Black and Black/White.


  7. 22/9/10


    Deads: 5x5x120


    bench: 3x8x60


    Chins: red band then blue band over/under/hammer, 3,3,3


    Push Ups: 5,4,6 wrist is not happy but I cant believe how hard those were. Lost soooooooo much strength its a joke.


    Hang Cleans: 3x3 with just the bar. Stretching the wrist out.

  8. ^^^ over rated. This is a direct quote from a mate/former boss who owns one.


    It ran real sweet in the minutes before I ran out of fuel in the Snowy Mountains.. oh and that time the rear end fell off. It was running sweet then too! It was also running sweet the day that the fuel was pouring out of the tank into the bottom fairing but sadly I didn’t notice the sweetness as I was dead scared I would catch on fire. So it has been as good as motorcycling gets, but value for time on bike my old R1 was better  Even the 1098 was better… actually my wife’s old clapped out ZZr250 was better.

  9. not sure what your budget is or if you want learner legal but this bad boy is learner legal in QLD at least (of all places :wtf1: )




    Aprilia SXV 550. the AWESOMEST motard out there.

  10. 20/9/10


    Got sick on Wednesday last week and didnt get back to OK until Sat :(


    Back to it.


    Squats: 8xbar 2x8x60 5x5x100kg


    Pullovers: 2x12x25kg


    Mil Press: 3x8x30kg too light.


    Bent Rows: 3x8x60kg


    Shagged :stretcher: Put together a kettlebell routine for Tues and Thurs at home to do to supplement weights.

  11. 8/9/10


    Have EPIC doms from Monday, walking is hilarious im like an old man.


    Squats: barx8 3x5x60kg


    Pullovers: 2x12x22.5kg


    Mil Press: 8,6,3 40kg


    Bent Rows: 3x10x40kg too easy just feeling them out.


    Bench: 2x8x60kg wrist was starting to hurt so stopped.

  12. 6/9/10 Monday


    So new plan is to get to PS for lunch Mon/Weds/Fri as after work just isnt happening. Went today to try it out for time and it will work just fine :)


    Did a bit of everything so see how the wrist is coming along, pretty well but needs an extra 10 degrees of reverse movement to do cleans again without pain.


    Hang Cleans: 3x3x40kg discomfort. Stopped.


    Cleans: 3x60kg PAIN. Stopped


    Squats: proper squats, no safety bar :) 5x60kg 12x80 8x80


    Bench: 3x8x50kg, wearing wrist wrap no pain. Excellent.


    Pull Up: One. lol.


    Deads: 2x5x110kg 1x110kg pain.


    Ohead: 1x60kg, pain in wrist. Stopped.


    Overall pretty positive. Im continuing Physio and getting my diet back on track. Aiming to compete in one month in Sydney at the Shire. Evem if its a token effort itll be good.


    Current weight: 125kg :whistle: Gotta get that down.

  13. Hey Guys,


    Ive been out of it for a while but I know youre all switched on. :thumbsup:


    My car got keyed at work yesterday across 3 panels and its my choice of repairer on insurance so who is the BEST repairer in the ACT/QBN?


    Is Tony Furrugia still the Mercedes recomended repairer? I want only THE BEST place to work on my car and given insurance is footing the bill I dont care what it costs.