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    Available in blue smaller sizes now and full range of black sizes next week so get your order in now! Blues nearly sold out within 2 days :o


    Also coming soon is the line of helmets. They're through standards testing and look fantastic. New range of full leather gloves also coming soon! Watch this space.


  2. 14/7/10 Wednesday


    @ Powersports


    Deads: 60x5 100x5 140x3 165 x5 160 x5 155 x5 147.5 x5 147.5 x5


    Bent Rows Machine: 3x8x40kg


    Dumbell Bench: 5x8 up in increments from 10kg-20kg


    Indoor sport later same night.

  3. 7/7/10 Wednesday


    @ Powersports


    Deads: 5x100kg 5x140kg 160x5 155x5 147.5x5 2x5x142.5kg


    Speed bench but wrist was fried from deads.


    Machine Bent Rows: 40kg 3x8


    Later same night played indoor netball for a mates team. Buggered, so unfit lol.

  4. 28/6/10 Monday




    Safety Squats: barx5 2x5x65kg 2x5x105kg 2x3x115kg


    Bench: many x bar 3x10x40 2x8x50 1x5x60kg gettin better and strong wrist wrap really helps.


    Deads: 2x5x80 5x110 3x3x140kg


    can do two wide grip chins. w00t!

  5. Matt is just ridiculous to watch at the gym. The other night a week before comp he squatted 220 for 6 reps :stretcher: . Hes just on another level. :wacko: yet is still one of the nicest and down to earth blokes to talk to.


    Powersports got up as strongest gym in Canberra on the weekend beating the home favorite Elite which is awesome!

  6. 14/6/10 Monday




    Squats: barx8 60x2x5 went really wide to take my wrist out of the grip but couldnt hold it any heavier then 60 so went back to safety squats


    Safety Squats: barx5 2x5x65kg 2x5x105kg 2x3x125kg


    Bench: many x bar then up in 10kg to 50kg 50kg too heavy for wrist


    Deads: 90x3 100x3 shagged.

  7. 11/6/10 (last entry was the 10th)




    Safety Squats: barx8 65kgx8x2 105kgx5x5


    Kettlebells: some swings, presses, cleans


    Dealifts: 200kg. Dont know where/how that happened. Watched Blake (BHA) pull 200 at like 67kg so had to do it for myself and did.