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  1. had a follow up appointment with the orthopaed (bone doctor) today. Took some new Xrays and got a positive prognosis.


    Bone is healing up well and is lookin good. Best part. Dont have to wear my spiker/brace 24/7 anymore. Just while im sleeping and when I am doing anythin strenuous. :D


    I start physio for my wrist on Monday as movement is still very limited especially bending back into the clean catch position. No movement there at all which is massively important to me to get back to 100%


    So plan from here is:


    Safety box squats

    one arm press heavy

    light deads and bench (like 20-40kg)pendin what physio says is OK.

    EAT CLEAN. Really struggling to get back on track, im not sure whats keeping me from getting back to it 100% like before my stack... guesss 2 months of bad habits is gonna be hard to undo :(


    Oh and I can DRIVE AGAIN!!! No more busses!!! :beer::thumb:

  2. Powersports




    Token effort not much time after physio and pickin up the wife.


    3x8x60kg safety squats to 29cm box.


    Felt ligh headed and dizzy, realised I had drunk more milk/coke zero than water today. Idiot :whack:


    Got to get my eating back on track properly, no excuses.

  3. Powersports:




    Dont laugh at my pissweakness :blush:


    4x8x65kg safety low box squats


    4x4 reverse hypers 10kg


    3x10 17.5kg right handed ohead press


    3x8 leg pull ups.


    some other stuff i forget. Sess felt good.

  4. It has fairings to do with bigger LAMS bike laws, cant remember why exactly but it has to be 'differnt' from the same non LAMS version somehow.


    I just went out to my local Yama/Hyo dealer to have a look at the new Yama FZ6R, in a word "NICE!" but for $12.5k ride away youd damn well want it to be for a LAMS Bike... they only had one on the showroom and itd been sold the weekend itd come in, no more until late june early July but im not in a hurry. The thing that struck was its a fully faired bike but with touring bars not sports bars like an R6 its got the XJ6 bars on it. Not a problem I found the more upright possi comfy. I still dont think I can justify TWELVE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS on a LAMS bike despite the rep (nice guy btw) assuring me about resales and stuff and that it handles better than the YZF125R which I thought sounded a bit silly. Its also really wide. Noticably more-so then the Hyo 650GTR it was next to.


    Also it has the shortest throttle ever. Its part of how theyve restricted it it no joke twists about 1.5cm tops. Bizzare.


    Also sat on the Hyo 650GTR and GTS and IDK if its because my wrists still broken but I really preferred the higher bars on the S over the sports bars on the R. Theyre $9500 ride away too which is significantly cheaper then the Yama and even cheaper if you get a 3yo model theyre roughly 5.5k

  5. More KB. Much less sore now back into the 'swing' ;) of things.


    Can grip the KB properly now as my fingers flexibility is much better, still strictly nothing left handed.


    Still unable to drive thus no gym which is making me <_ but what can you do>

  6. I can def sympathise having just had my right arm slabbed up for 2 weeks and now my left is in a brace for a month :bandaid:


    im only just getting back to using my right to its full use whilst left is completely atrophy'd and skinny as, movement is very restricted and next to no strength.


    The biggest thing is not to start eating shit or drop your good eating habits, i did for 4 weeks and now im skinny/fat again :rolleyes:


    im doing one armed kettlebell complexes to try and drop some kegs and build some strength in my arm.


    GET AS MUCH PHYSIO AS YOU CAN. Hospitals have physio departments that are medicare bulk billed. Go and see one and get a plan for recovery, I have exercises from them to do 3 times a day with my brace off.

  7. started the 2 week 5 cans diet today. WTF have i subscribed to lol :huh:


    :puke: i couldnt stomach that much tuna, better to mix it up imo

    i have eggs, chicken, steak, salmon, tuna every day

    84 meals strict so far for me, no cheats


    its making my want to vom looking at it Eddie, ive never liked it and this is reinforcing that feeling. :puke:


    *60 cans to go* :o

  8. back at work now and feeling better. still 119.5kg as didnt change diet when I said I would so im getting hard on myself. :whack:


    Im on the 2 week 5 can diet and ill be kettlebelling right handed only after work each day. Physio has said I need to keep working my right index finger so this should be good for it. Left wrist is still immobile so I cant do anything there.


    gotta drop some kgs, really noticing a change for the worse lately so time to upslap myself and get my shit together. Im down but not out! :thumbsup:

  9. I can't go anywhere tho as I can't drive, docs orders so @ home I only have my kb now. My grip is SHIT as I can't make a fist yet. Thanks the encouragement, when I can get to the gym some one arm deads are on!


    Nick it sounds doable but i'd need help loading the bar right now. Low grip strength right handed and no lifting left handed. I'll have to bring a plate bitch to the gym with me when I can back there lol.