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  1. Im trying to hook up a new tacho in my car. Basically its all fitted and sweet to go cept that i cant get it to work :huh:


    Ive been using this http://www.emergent.com.au/200sx/s14-ecu.html

    as my guide to which wire to splice into. Ive hooked up my signal wire from the tacho directly into the apparent "tacho" wire. nothing happens tho, the stock tacho behind the new one shows its idling (all it ever does) so i know the connection is still good.


    The wire indicated on that diagram on my ECU is purple/white. Do any other Series 1 S14 owners know if thats correct? What could be wrong here, it lights up when i turn the lights on and everything.

  2. It so random and incredibly annoying! :angry: I lock up my standard S14 overnight and it guaranteed goes off at least twice in the night. :( ive even put it in the garage overnight and locked it and it goes mental in there as well! :wacko: It does it at any time of the night. it also sometimes (but not as often) does it when im out in the city somewhere and parked it, the alarm just goes off for no apparent reason.


    To get around this ive just had to put it in the garage unlocked overnight to stop it waking me and my family up and i just let it do its thing when im out somewhere.


    Any ideas on how to find out whats wrong with it or at least disconnect the horn so it doesnt wake me up at night? Any clues appreciated guys :)