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  1. Just another note, i found this for anyone needing it..
  2. k, thanks 1 more questions... on the lower unit, where does the larger hose goto ? wategate ? Cause at the mmt, my wastegate hose comes from towards the radiator area (a T peice) although it kinda looks standard. Here are the pics of how is it looking now. I plugged the small hose off the intake pipe to the lower unit (small hose) I plugged the EGR thing (top unit) into the EGR unit like in your pic.
  3. GREAT thanks heaps guys, im pretty sure i've got it all worked out in my head now just ripped my SAFC, boost controller, boost gague, put stock intake pipe back on... not bad for 1 day since i've been booked
  4. Hi, I got canaried, and was forced to remove my boost controller and fix up some other stuff. One of the points they wrote was to "reconnect standard solenoid" When looking in my engine bay, there is 2x units, with hoses that are cut / plugged and i also am unsure on where the standard BOV will plumb back in. I removed the Boost controller, and plugged straight back onto the wategate. But im still unsure of what / where these other hoses go. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi, As of a few days ago, i've noticed my brake lights are always on like the pedal is pressed in, even when its not. I did notice some broken plastic on my drivers footwell the other day, is it possible the brake light switch or somthing has broken causing my lights to always stay on and (flatten my battery) ? I dont know what the brake switch looks like or if the 180sx use's a special one that is hard to get ? Can anyone please help?
  6. Miss Fireing

    yea, although i kinda wanna see what i can get out of the SAFC I was gunna say, now that you know my list of mods, after a tune of the SAFC, would you reccoment injectors or Z32 AFM next ?
  7. Fuel Gauge / Sender issue.

    hmmmmm, could it be that my light sender is buggered, and the level sender a bit NQR also ? In buying a new pump does all that gear come with it ? or can i replace those components individually ? im not sure where tho...
  8. Fuel Gauge / Sender issue.

    yea, actually good call on the battery/fuel tank wouldn't want a big-budda-boom to happen.... Is there any other area's that i can check like the voltage output or somthing to make sure its sending the correct signal ?
  9. Fuel Gauge / Sender issue.

    Could i simply remove, and then (with wire's still connected) move the float up/down (slowly/carefully) so 'simulate' empty and full tanks. And then check with the gauge while im doing this ? I cant see any harm in that, as for bending... that sounds a little crude doesn't it ? BTW, my pump has been replaced in the past (before i purchased the car) so im thinking maybe somthing may be a lil funny....
  10. Miss Fireing

    Whats plugs did you use? I've herd stories about different brands being good/bad for certain combo's. I run an SR20 T25, FMIC, 3" and boost controller (7psi/12psi) Besides the obvious tune i need (since its never had one) my plugs also havn't been changed since i've owned the car (2 years) so yea.... any input would be appreciated.
  11. Hi, I noticed on my SR20 180 a while ago that my Fuel Gauge never quite reaches the Full level anymore. Also, my low fuel light doesn't come on anymore. Over the last few days my ecconomy Vs Lt's i am putting in isn't matching up correctly. This could be a case of bad fuel, but i wanted to make sure my sender unit is ok. What are the tests / replacement parts needed to do this ? Im guessing there is a unit near or in the tank that sends a signal to the gauge, can anyone shed some light on this for me. Thanks Mat
  12. ok, i've checked the fuses that say "DEFOG" they are both ok. I checked all the fuses in the engine bay, also fine. I removed the button (dash) and turned it on, then as i was plugging it in, i herd the relay in the dash click over. So im guessing the button is ok. No light is lighting up on the actual rear demister button. Any other idea's ? Oh and i have a 180sx
  13. I'm guessing the 'Defog' is the rear demister ?
  14. hey, my little light up on the rear demister button doesn't come on anymore, the rear demister doesn't either.... Had a look at the fuse's but doesn't look like there is one for the rear demist. in the driver kickpanel. any idea's ?
  15. S13 Stock Dump Pipe Nuts

    Do you mean the ones that connect the stock front pipe to the dump ? OR The ones that connect the dump to the Turbo ?