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  1. Price : $150 Condition : Used Work Euroline ******Pair only******* 18" x 8" offset 38 5x114 pcd tires got camber wear but still usable some gutter scrapes on one rim, $150 firm Located in Fairview Park, Adelaide
  2. Price : $15 Condition : Used Fuel Pump bracket to suit bosch external fuel pump new never used $15 Paul 0422444532
  3. Mini Bike Dirt Riders

    Hey People my 13 year old daughter wants to learn how to ride a motor bike, So cool i recon!!. So i am looking for a medium size pit bike for her. rough guide for what im looking for looking for 125cc to 150cc. 2 wheel Hand clutch type , No centrifugal clutch's > Adelaide only > or may drive hour or so out of Adelaide for a good deal Will consider bikes needing repair. but no bent frames or wheels. Will look at quads also as i want to get one of them also down the track but may get quad first if good one pops up hoping to find something for under $600 I may spend little more and buy new yet. but thought someone might have a second hand better brand pitt bike/quad or upgraded one they are looking to sell. Good to Keep my coin in the NS/HT community i recon Also if anyone needs engines rebuild or work on their motor bikes, quads & cars. I can help. Im a qualified Vehicle Mechanic & Motorcycle mechanic. PM or ring me if ya got any questions. Milo 0422444532 Found one... Ended up buying a Pitster Pro of anther member form NS. Maybe little over kill for my daughter to learn on, but im sure it will be ok
  4. Car wont start after mods

    Checked the fuses. yet? that's one of the first places to start. So it dosnt spark? or dosent fire up? have you physically check the spark? use a spare coil pack and spare plug and see if its sparking. No-- check ignition fuses... yes---does spark but doesnt fire.. check cam timing, check CAs is fitted/timed correctly also check fuel line are the correct way around. Milo
  5. KU36 Tyre Pressure?

    I use 36psi for the front. not sure what is recommended tho
  6. s13 steering rack spacers

    Ben Monkhouse makes and sell thems here in Adelaide. Bengineering is his business name. His details are on his face book page.
  7. Mechanics that have moved on

    You could buy a franchise business.. Set up and structure is all done for you. I brought a Regional Master Franchise with Express Car Cleaning and its going well. Normal franchise are currently priced at $5950. The price includes all you equipment and chemicals for cleaning & detailing, Training is also included in the purchase . You can make any were from $500 to $2000+ a week. Have a look>>>> http://www.expressmobileservices.com.au/ Just a thought...
  8. SR20 with GTIR T28, NA cams & E85

    correct made lot more mid range power. holds 215kw from 5200rpm till rev limit 7600??? reliability was good motor ran strong all day for around 3-4 hours of drifting.
  9. SR20 with GTIR T28, NA cams & E85

    most of the research i did i found around 200kw was max out of GTIR T28 on 98ron. some may have gotten more with bigger cams or perhaps a happy dyno. My tuning was done on a mainline dyno. As we all know their are differences between dynos. I will try to scan and upload the dyno print out to show the power curve.
  10. SR20 with GTIR T28, NA cams & E85

    I never ran it on 98ron . i built the car up like this and straight on E85. Yea bigger cams will make more but i wanted to use factory nissan parts to see what i caould get out of them. might check it back on the dyno and see if we can squeeze some more out of it.
  11. mallala matsuri

    My wife took some pics and got some of you. Add her on Facebook https://www.facebook...ilosPhotography she is going to upload about 100 pics from the day
  12. mallala matsuri

    What a great event. Thanks to all the organizers and officials for the time and effort put it. I will definitely be attending the next Mallala 10/10 Matsuri , rain hail or shin!!! I was in the Express Car Cleaning S13 (white with black fr bar and black guards) in group B, I started of little rusty and driving wasn't so good but felt that i got back into the groove through out the day. I hit the tires coming into turn one, but mehh not fussed, I built the car over the last 3 months and was happy with how it preformed considering it had done 20km driving before the event. few minor tweeks and will be even better Wow Skid pan is fun fun fun.. helped me get back into the groove as your constantly drifting. Also I like the use of 90% of the track. 4th gear around turn 6 was fun. Now do i try my luck in G1 or more practice?????? Thanks to boys at Jaustech for the help leading up to the event!! Milo
  13. SR20 with GTIR T28, NA cams & E85

    Hey i ended up with 215KW @ 16psi . No rebuild.. only new parts on it are service items, engine and turbo 20 years old hahah . I took it out to Mallala for matsuir and fu_k it was awesome. I will run this set up for the rest of the year and see how it goes.
  14. SR20 with GTIR T28, NA cams & E85

    yea for sure 12psi will help but would love to get 16psi out of it. but think it will be maxxed out by then.. but i will settle on 14 or 15psi should make 230-240 @15psi.. never heard any result from someone with GTIR T28 NA cams and E85 so thought id share it.