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    You still down at repco in port Adelaide dude? Ill come down and have a word to you about it. I live in the Port. Thanku mandi. Its a 26 shot composite haha

    Looking for Volunteers for Car photoshoots in Adelaide. Looking for very clean and modified vehicles. Email me at lukenoblephotography@yahoo.com. Luke
  3. hesitation and lack of power

    update. it was actually two teeth. on each the inlet cam and exhaust cam
  4. hesitation and lack of power

    Sorted. Skipped a tooth on my exhaust cam. Just have to realign my timing marks and all good
  5. hesitation and lack of power

    http://youtu.be/Sh71_iPP46g Another vid of what's happening with the timing.
  6. hesitation and lack of power

    Just had the cat temp tested and it seems to be flowing nicely. Went to another couple of workshops and have been told possibly timing chain. Nissan said to block off the egr. Didn't do a scan as the guy said they probably wouldn't gather any other information than I had from the ecutalk. But I'm going back tomorrow to speak to the head mechanic.
  7. hesitation and lack of power

    I've changed all that and no difference. Ill try the hoses when I get home. How much pressure should there be from the exhaust? I took the car in to a workshop and was told he tested the exhaust and it was fine but I'm having my doubts. I can smother the tip at idle and feel as if I could make the car stall. It didn't stall but did build up a bit that was visible when I released my hand. May be nothing.
  8. hesitation and lack of power

    Temps are fine while driving allthough it did go above half way for the first time ever while I had the air con on. this has only happened since the car has been runnng weird. otherwise under normal operating of the motor and air con on its fine. Ive been told thats normal for the de to operate at those temps which I thought was a bit wierd. Tps has been changed but not the IACV. Ive diconnected it to see if theres a difference but nothing. but if its stuck open then maybe thats why. Can that valve cause it to run as bad as it is? its pinging, no power at all and as my timing at idle is all over the place. and the surging while driving. its just a pig right now haha There is an air regulator for cold start under the intake.
  9. hesitation and lack of power

    Yep. my fans dont kick in to 100 and switch off at 93. isnt that the job of the ecu to dtermine when to do that as a preprogrammed state from factory? what would cause that? I didnt think much of it as my dash needle never goes over half way,
  10. hesitation and lack of power

    This Im not sure of. two mechanics have said the flow from the exhaust is good but when you put your foot down it sounds like shit. one mechanic said he dropped the exhaust and it still ran the same. to be honest Ive been under the car and I cant see any evidence that the bolts have been touched to be honest lol. ill try dropping the cat and see what happens.
  11. hesitation and lack of power

    im running copper plugs that are one heat spec different but I put in the old iridium plugs and they were working fine when I pulled them out and no difference. the codes I pulled turns out I threw by unplugging stuff etc. Its actually not throwing a code. so far ive replaced... leads plugs distributor distributor cap rotor button cas tps ignition module coil pack ecu afm fuel pump disconnected knock sensor to see if that was malfunctioning and nothing. pluggest it into ecu talk. heres a few videos. ecutalk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2OwZ0dtlLI&feature=g-upl idling http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IR9UBJRQI5g&feature=g-upl driving http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3xzJjvKRM0&feature=g-upl no load revving http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjQWreIVDDQ&feature=g-upl my timing in the ecu talk is going crazy. 02 is a little lazy
  12. hesitation and lack of power

    Just pluged the old ecu in and got 2 codes. 2.1 and 1.2
  13. Hey Guys, My car a n14 sr20de developed some problems last night. no warning was given, Just as I started to head into the hills the car lost power and sounded overly loud. Seemed like an exhaust gasket had gone and misfiring at the same time. Managed to get it home with it chugging most of the way jerking back and fourth randomly. Checked over the car and couldn't find anything. I have replaced the following with working spares I had... Ecu, AFM, Spark plugs. did a fault code test on the new ecu after driving and got 5.5. the leads are new and aren't faulty, no blockage in the fuel system and had the fuel pressure checked and that came up good. If you unplug Tps plug and the O2 sensor plugs there seems to be no difference in the behavior of the car. where as anything else the car will either die or change characteristics. Took it to a local mechanic and after he checked the fuel and dropped the exhaust and fiddled here and there he said the information being sent to the ecu was causing it to pulse and that it was a matter of removing and replacing to find what it was. Spoke to Nissan and they said the n14 sr was notorious for the idle air control valve could be stuck open and causing the problems Im having. Any one else had these problems and what was the diagnosis? And if it is the IACV unit is easiest to remove the while manifold to get to it becuase It doesnt look like fun removing it but possible.
  14. Good lawyer for traffic offences

    This was on the port river expressway. Full revenue road. 90kmh zone
  15. Good lawyer for traffic offences

    That's what lawyers are for. I agree with u to some point but if loosing your licence is going to screw u hard core then lawyer up. Plus the police shouldn't have been so cocky and done there job right. If they wernt under so much pressure to meet there quotas maybe they would be able to concentrate on there job more.