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  1. cefiro brake upgrade

    hey all quick question i currently have nissan q45 brakes on my rb26 powered cefiro, they just dont stop me so i want to upgrade to GTR discs and calipers. what would be involved for the swap. would it just all bolt on or would i need adapter plates or some shit. thanks ben
  2. 3 piece rims

    hey all just have a question about 3 piece rims, can they be pulled apart once tired is removed, can i do it myself or will i need to get it done at shop? thanks ben
  3. The Forbidden Kingdom

    yep good movie

    ive bought of them several times. always got right part and only once it took a long time, 3 months for my powerfc, apparently it was cuz apexi wernt doing anyback orders or wat ever. later i realised it siad it on the front page lols. i would buy from them again cuz of good prices ben
  5. rear wheel location

    im used to owning sprinters witch are obviously diffrent... so i need to get some adjustable traction arms, i can do that if it pulls my wheels forwards. were would i be able to get them from, and i cant drive car atm cuz its motor is pulled apart so yer.....
  6. rear wheel location

    um okay wat ones are the traction arms,i got a fiar idea but not 100% sure. and is it something i can adjust myself.... or do i need to pay some1 to do it, only pain is car isnt really drivable so cant take it to a shop..
  7. hey all i need a bit of help with my ceffie, for some reason my rear wheels sit further back in the wheel arches then there sapost to, its both sides as well. i think it might be because i have rb26 and 33gearbox so maybe the tail shaft is too long and pushing the hole rear end backwards, is this passable. please help ta ben here is a pi of who it sits...
  8. found this sweet ride

    me thinks its not very good looking
  9. i dont really like the look of it.. meh jsut my opinion
  10. The Clear Wheel

    they look okay i guess, but year brakes would get real hot.and at 5k a wheel, not to many ppl are gona get em me thinks///
  11. rb25 s15

    so lame

    sexy pics