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  1. I've only got a 3.5k limit on my card and the bank keep asking for me to increase it. but thats more then enough, just paid it off completly after approx 18 months but it did come in handy when i was paying off my new car because i was putting 1/2 my wages into the loan to pay it off asap (took me 1 year and 1 day.) i agree with most peopl, in the sense that you shouldnt get one if you cant control your self or if you cant afford to pay them off but in emergencies it is worth having one.
  2. Hitler got defected LOL

    how ever here has jewish offset leave the room bahahahahahahaha
  3. Whats your favourite car colour

    ford focus rs green i think its called acid green. or electric orange like my xr5
  4. *** pics of the day ***

    well worth the read lmao
  5. nissan x-trails?

    lol just bought a brand spanking 09 model 2 days ago, so far love it
  6. cop shoots kangaroo

    i applaude the police for what they done, it was completly humane. so what he used 2 shots, the first one was to kill and the second one was to make sure its dead. i go hunting so i dont really see the problem here. it would have not have been funny if that tram had hit it would have sliced it in half.
  7. *** pics of the day ***

    its like she's being spit roasted
  8. *** pics of the day ***

    HAHAHAHAH^^^^^^^ so so so very wrong
  9. *** pics of the day ***

    someone photochop that yellow kid with bubbles into the speed camera photo
  10. hahahaha but seriously bad luck dude hope those f***ers get what they deserve
  11. just stick your P in her V then B all over her T's lol (quoted from forgetting sarah marshall)
  12. The Wedding Night

  13. pokie machines...devils

    stop talking about my beloved machines this way!!!
  14. baby name help