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  1. My original setup made ~231rwkw at 17.5psi. I fitted a gktech turnflow a few years back for street legality, and sort of lost interest in the car, but when looking to retune recently I've been told that they are a restriction above 220rwkw, and do not handle heatsoak well, so am thinking of changing to another setup. Q's: - Has anyone else noticed restriction or replaced a gktech turnflow intercooler at those power levels and seen a substantial gain? - How well does it actually cool, and how does it manage in terms of heatsoak? Options: - Tune and see; - Buy PWR (or other) turnflow core and replace gktech core; - Refit battery tray offending fmic and weld extra plate in battery tray so it can be engineered (has anyone succeeded in doing this?); or - In-bay setup, thermos etc and all the mucking around that comes with it (I want to keep my AC). What would you suggest? The car is daily driven so it's hard to arrange workshop time.
  2. oil filter relocation

    The Z445 fits the S13 oil filter thread perfectly. Z445 and Z442 both have anti drain back valves. I know this because the last time someone else did my oil (before dyno tuning) they put on an S15 filter and it was a right *milkshake* to get it off again as my socket extension wasnt long enough to give clearance past the intake plenum, whereas the standard S13 filter is about 5cms taller and puts the socket and ratchet in the right spot to get a good range of movement. True story. Happened to me. Spun a bearing after the oil from my engine make a break for it, spewing all over the road.
  3. oil filter relocation

    I've seen a number of oil relo kits for these cars suit a z445 (s14/s15) filter instead, which is smaller to the z442 and uses a different thread size, and has an anti drain back valve.
  4. Maybe the problem (ie, leak, retarded mixtures) only shows up when there's enough load on the engine (ie, third gear, full boost). Unless you're boosting around with the windows all the way down or with really funky aero causing immense drag.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Can a Nistune still be setup with dual maps in a stealthy way? Would my intank Bosch 040 fuel pump need replacing?
  6. Such a big difference in cylinder compression is not a good sign. What does it sound like when you try and hit boost? Does it misfire? Does the turbo sound like it's overspinning? How are you performing your boost leak test? Sure you haven't split a silicon joiner? I had this problem recently, where I couldn't build positive boost pressure, but the car otherwise drove ok, for awhile, getting worse and worse over the course of days. Every time I tried to hit positive boost (ie, more than a quarter throttle) it would act like a dog, misfiring, pulling back, spluttering, turbo overspinning (which I could hear). Boost leak tested the entire cooler piping system and it turned out to be a massive boost leak from a dodgy bov stopper which had a huge tear in it, that only showed up under pressure. Vacuum was fine.
  7. 180sx crushed chassis frame rails

    Looks pretty squashed to me, moreso than simply jacking or hoisting. My 180sx was imported (obviously), but it doesn't look like that, nor did the 180sx I owned before it. Maybe I was just lucky. See if you can get them pulled out or replaced if it really bothers you.
  8. What wheel alignment specs? Stock front guards?
  9. S15 Coil Packs

    Personally, despite swapping in a number of OEM coilpacks, I had to gap my plugs down to 0.7mm at 18psi to get rid of the missfire I was getting. Using BCPR7ES (RB plugs, I know), with no miss, at 18psi for 230+rwkw (that was the power figure without correction with a severe missfire, so potentially higher).
  10. Street/hoon behaviour penalties

    I would like to see the statistics in relation to the harm, damage and loss associated with burnouts or spinning the wheels. I've always maintained that 'hoon' offences are covered by laws relating to other offences, such as: - Loss of traction; - Speeding; - Careless driving; - Dangerous driving; - Culpable driving; and - Dangerous driving causing death/injury. Mind you, this is under Victorian law (Road Safety Act 1986 or Crimes Act 1958). I am of the opinion that 'hoon' legislation is overkill, and the penalties disproportionate. I suspect they were enacted as a result of political motivation to win voters from a certain (older) segment of the community, but the unfortunate truth is that to lobby for their reversal is political suicide. s13k's: Even if your s13 is in your mum's name, it can be impounded for a 'hoon' offence unless your mum can convince a judge that to do so would cause exceptional hardship. Court outcomes depend largely on the magistrate on the day, and many subjective factors. Magistrates are human too, and having a lawyer does not guarantee a better outcome, it just indicates that the offender is treating the matter more seriously.
  11. Q: What is the most stealthy E85 setup? So far: 1200cc side feed injectors Low mount 3071r with what exhaust? t28 or t3? ECU:? Which intank fuel pump?
  12. 18x11 +20 Rears?

    I had 18x10+12 with -1 camber on the rear of my car and they poked about 2.5cm with sensible ride heights. Mexicanos haha
  13. Wrecked rear end crash 96 180sx type X

    Just a question: If it's a 96 Type X, how come it's got a Type II front bar and lights suited to a 91-94 SR model rather than the 96 Type X front bar, parkers and indicators?
  14. Slipnslid

    And he hasn't learnt a thing. Third time lucky?
  15. Exedy Clutch vs Xtreme Clutch?

    Pretty sure mine was pink. Does the job fine anyway, for my setup at least. Then again i'm not clutch-kicking like Bruce Lee.