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  1. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  2. Any WoW Freaks out there?

    I haven't been on in ages. I might jump back in for shits and dick about for an hour or so. Go back to The Barrens for kicks.
  3. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    Haha, Heavy Hamilton Security takes what he wants mang
  4. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    Same Wait, she said hi?
  5. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    Yeah, I think this was before you're time as well Mook.
  6. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    Oh man, ol mate Fred. He was a weird bloke. GVC was after all that. The meets and Fred were like, 2004? Or something? We the old crew yo. Where is Peter to tell us all about Fiddler at Pizza Hut that time? Haha
  7. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    Hahaha, ohhhhh shit. GVC crew.
  8. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    Old school is king here in Tas.
  9. Official Steam Chat and gamer tag thread?

    Source? Play Global Offensive.
  10. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    Haha, for sure Mook. The Mayf, legendary nights. Speaking of! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnqnknhwKNM Filmed by yours truly! Blake is pretty huge, it's awesome. Great work.
  11. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    Priso is building something I think, and yeah Blake's bus is awesome. No expense spared. It is still a 31 though Ha!
  12. Official Steam Chat and gamer tag thread?

    There is a group yeah
  13. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    Yeah, that old crew Brizey! Everyone grew up, got out of cars ha. Except me Any one want to buy a GTR?
  14. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    Back in 2004-7 this thread used to pump. So much shit used to go on. Everyone uses fb groups nowdays. More private, away from prying eyes The stuff we used to organise/get up to. It still goes on, but forums are getting a bit redundant. RIP in piece. That said, does anyone street skid still? Other than the loose units at HTS and the guys down south of Hobart?
  15. found a burnt out 180sx

    Twas burnt out on the night :-( Fully insured though, so I get my $600 back ha!
  16. cylinder honed?

    No idea sorry. It's been a while since my donk was in there!
  17. found a burnt out 180sx

    Lost my Pintara a few weeks ago. Low lifes! Hopefully it was insured. Get insurance guys!
  18. cylinder honed?

    Tas Engine Reconditioning in Argyle St :-)
  19. Tas Chat Thread V1.0

    *grabs popcorn* Just not the same without Haysey :-( I'll have to get him onto it.
  20. Melted a piston/blown ringland.
  21. Tas Chat Thread V1.0