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  1. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    Heading to Port Vincent for easter with the boat,... gonna have a crack at anything that comes our way, Really keen to try for some big reds at the orontes bank (got what I'm told are the co-ordinates) ,.. any other hot tips to try that way?
  2. EPL Fantasy Football

    well I wasnt gonna do it, but hey why not. heres what i got GK - Cech DEF- Shawcross, Ferdinand Jose Enrique, Toure MID- Song, Park, Bale ATT- Rooney, Cisse, Defoe bench- Green-GK , Good, Howson, Fellaini
  3. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    Need to finish the work on my boat, and get it here with me,.. (I've moved to pt augusta) The King fish are on the bite
  4. Channel 9's Olympic coverage is terrible.

    can I just say.. loving the Austar coverage
  5. in the old days we'd have cush and a few chops abpout Bolger by now,.. and the lol's would be rolling
  6. Adelaide's greatest AB!

    Niks at the lake FTW
  7. The Football Thread

    Can I just say,.. QPR please sack Joey Barton... he is a good player. I've supported and defended his shit before,.. but it's time to cut ties,... just too much of a loose cannon. no longer worth the hassle
  8. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    went on a fishing cherter in port lincoln yesterday. mainly for whiting, really good day out. the missus caught a fish i'd never seen before, called a blue devil,.. according the the operater, extremely rare, which when he started taking photos too I guess I realised how rare he has seen them lol. all up would have caught a good 10-12 species of fish,.. nothing too huge but a good day
  9. The Football Thread

    what shits me about my belover R's,.. is they are a good enough side,.. heck,.. beat liverpool, beat arsenal, beat tottenham,.. beat chelsea (lucky maybe) lost 3-2 to man city,.. so theyre good enough,.. then go and lose to mid/low table sides,.. and well setting the reccord for most red cards in a season doesnt help.
  10. The Football Thread

    love that Taarabt scored the goal against his old club,.. yet a quote from Redknapp.. he's rubbish... well that piece of rubbish may have just cost you a champions league place and save us relegation
  11. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    Got my boat, won the auction,.. picking it up tonight,.. $1550 wont be able to use it till the easter weekend though, as I head tomorrow back to work for 2 weeks. suppose I better get my lisence
  12. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    I'm a chef, just started working in the mines, currently at olympic dam
  13. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    doesnt come off for 5 days,.. sjoulda just paid the buy it now price then I dont gotta wait,.. oh well If it falls through I'll get another one home from work for a week from tomorrow so hopefully ill have a tinny before I go away again.
  14. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    bidding on a 14 ft tinny on ebay with front steer,... come on spinner